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So what does it mean to be a day trader? I began supporting and teaching traders in the 90’s, and back then everyone wanted to day trade futures. Today, nothing has changed as the majority still want me to teach them how to be a day trader.

I find that interesting, as I know with 100 per cent certainty that none of these people can tell me what a day trader is or ...

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Whether you are a trader or investor, contrary to what many believe, being successful is not about picking the next big winner, it's all about having a winning process.

Put simply, it is not what happens that counts, it is what you do that does. If you have been watching the media over the past week talking about the market you may have become a bit worried but in this market ...

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Every week we get hundreds of people contacting us about getting into the stock market. Some are beginners, some have a little experience, while others have been in the market a lot longer and all fit into one of two categories.

Either they do not know where to start investing or trading or they have gone down the wrong path to achieve their goals and are struggling. For ...

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