How to Take Control of Your Money

Published in PR Newswire, October 2018 by Dale Gillham

Most people can make some money in a bull market, but are they really making as much as they can and beating the market? 

When a downturn happens, and one is overdue, are most investors really prepared? 

A leading Australian financial investment expert and best-selling author reveals in his new book, Accelerate Your Wealth: It's Your Money, Your Choice! how one can overcome the most commonly held investment myths that hold many back from creating real wealth.

In his characteristic succinct writing style, Dale Gillham outlines some very simple, yet effective techniques that, if applied with discipline, have the potential to outperform those employed by the majority of fund managers.

"Many individuals are too quick to hand over responsibility for their future to financial advisors and fund managers," asserts Gillham, "in the hope of achieving better returns than they could on their own. 

If you are looking for the best person to handle your investments without any conflict of interest, look no further than yourself."

He does not ascribe to several long-held beliefs that are often spewed by the financial services industry. 

Gillham says "buy and hold" is not the answer. 

He also dissuades people from day trading. 

He doesn't buy into a strategy around dollar-cost averaging and he says one can time the market. 

Diversifying a portfolio is good, but within limits, as he recommends no one stock should exceed 20% of one's holdings.

"Although contrary to popular belief," Gillham professes, "if you invest in top quality stocks and take a low-risk, methodical approach to investing over the long-term, 9 out of 10 times you will achieve far higher returns than if you try to beat the market by picking the next boom stock or investing in penny dreadfuls."

Accelerate Your Wealth, which is available in book stores and online at helps just about anyone take control to invest directly with confidence using simple DIY stock market investment strategies. 

From the bestselling author of How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%, Gillham provides another compelling book on why investors and traders should consider investing directly in the stock market. 

With his no-nonsense approach to trading, whether one is a novice or an experienced investor or trader, they will gain the know-how to achieve their goal of profitably trading the stock market. 

Indeed, Gillham shows you how you could have grown the value of your portfolio over the past ten years by over 400 percent just trading stocks on the Dow Jones Index (DJI) and significantly outperformed the returns achieved by the majority of fund managers.

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