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Published in the Herald Sun by Suzanne Forster

After taking a bad hit in the 1987 sharemarket crash, Melbourne real estate agent Paul Tosin swore off investing in shares.

During his heady pre-crash days, Mr Tosin and a friend turned $10,000 into $70,000 in june nine months. 

By the end of the crash he had lost the lot, including his initial $10,000 and the money he had used to top up his losses.

He turned to property which proved to be a successful investment and he rebuilt his next egg. 

But a tentative venture back into shares in 1999 also proved bad timing. Mr Tosin entered the sharemarket just as the tech crash hit and again he was down $20,000.

Now he is back again. This time, however, he has come forearmed, after completing a Diploma of Share Trading and Investment through government accredited company Wealth Within.

An important part of the program was learning the value of medium to long term trading and avoiding short term speculative trading, he said.

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