Market rebound

Published in the Adelaide Advertiser, May 2008

Australia's share market has bounced back 17 per cent from its March low, sparking renewed confidence among analysts.

Wealth Within chief analyst Dale Gillham said he believed the positive trend would last well into next year. "The probability that the four-year low occurred on the All Ordinaries index on March 17 March is now very high, which if correct means we can expect the current bull market to rise for at least six to eight months," he said, but added a slight fall was likely within a couple of weeks.

AMP Capital Investors chief economist Shane Oliver also believes the recovery has been a little too fast.

"However, while we are likely to see the return of turbulence over the next few months, its unlikely that shares will fall below their March lows and we continue to see shares moving higher into year end." he said.

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