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Talking Wealth

Each week our expert team discusses the hot topics to investing in the share market as well as keeping you up to date with what is happening in the market.

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Placing the Trade 21/03/2007 David Harvey Listen Download
Volatility,CFDs and how the big boys make money 19/03/2007 Dale Gillham Listen Download
Portfolio Construction 16/03/2007 Janine Cox Listen Download
Price Takers and Price Makers 15/03/2007 David Harvey Listen Download
Qantas 13/03/2007 Janine Cox Listen Download
Gain Leverage with Margin Lending 08/03/2007 David Harvey Listen Download
The Media and the Share Market 06/03/2007 Dale Gillham Listen Download
BHP or RIO? 01/03/2007 Janine Cox Listen Download
Sorting the Message 28/02/2007 David Harvey Listen Download
Managed Accounts what are they and how can you use them? 27/02/2007 Dale Gillham Listen Download
The Four Pillars 23/02/2007 Janine Cox Listen Download
Superannuation: One Path to Wealth 22/02/2007 David Harvey Listen Download
Will the Australian Market rise to 7000 points 20/02/2007 Dale Gillham Listen Download
The Four Pillars 16/02/2007 Janine Cox Listen Download
The Need to Plan Your Wealth Strategy 14/02/2007 David Harvey Listen Download
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