Jack Loomes

In 2014, Wealth Within employed Jack Loomes (aka Bill Blake) through Morgan Consulting recruitment. Jack Loomes employment was terminated on the 15th of December 2014 due to poor performance including sabotaging phone calls with clients, making serious but inaccurate accusations about staff and failing to follow instructions. Plenty of evidence including phone calls can be made available to substantiate these allegations.

Subsequent to Jack Loomes termination, Wealth Within identified that Jack Loomes provided false details in his resume regarding his employment at his previous employer (EFM) and that he used his wife Lauren Loomes as his referee to support his employment at EFM (however, EFM have confirmed that neither Lauren Austin (the name she used as the referee) or Lauren Loomes has ever worked for them).

Download: CV provided by Jack Loomes
Download: Phone call with EFM confirming his role and tenure while at EFM were incorrect on his CV

Lauren Loomes

Download: Phone call with Lauren Loomes

In the phone call, Lauren Loomes (aka Lauren Austin) states that she supervised Jack Loomes in his role as BDM at EFM, however, the phone call with EFM above substantiates that Jack Loomes never worked as a BDM for EFM.

All we can say is... so much for using a recruitment company to verify details.....

Fake stories spun by Jack Loomes

Jack Loomes (aka Bill Blake) has a habit of running respectable companies and individuals down by trolling the internet with fake aliases and fake stories.

Since he was terminated for poor performance, he has intentionally defamed Wealth Within on numerous occasions through public websites including pretending to be a client that got burnt investing with Wealth Within during the GFC.

If Mr Loomes had been a client, he would know that we had minimized any losses by moving all of the clients’ money we were managing to cash before the market fell heavily during the GFC and only invested when it was safe to do so. In fact, our clients were very grateful that they did not suffer the major losses that many of their friends experienced.

"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the performance of our portfolio with Wealth Within. I remember reading your book, watching your DVDs and then speaking to you in March 2008. With a deep breath we took the huge leap to set up a Self Managed Super Fund with your company. By taking that step we conservatively saved over $150,000 that was not lost in our industry super funds during the worst of GFC. Today we read with pleasure that over the same time many of our friend have lost 30% or more of their superannuation, our's has increased by 13.65%. That is just marvelous. Thank you to you and your team." Kathleen Fahe, Sydney

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As for the comments Mr Loomes makes about his experience as a staff member, our current staff have been working for Wealth Within for a minimum of 3 years all the way up to 15 years and they are passionate about what they do, and how they are changing people's lives for the better. If there were any truth to his fake stories, these claims would have arisen long before he started working with us, given that the company has been employing staff since 2002.

Further evidence of the fake stories spun by Mr Loomes is the false complaint he lodged to the Human Rights Commission on 17 February 2015 in which he claimed Wealth Within inflicted a religion of neurolinguistics programming on him during his employment.

Download: Complaint to Human Rights Commission
Download: Wealth Within response to Human Rights Complaint

Following Wealth Within' response to the complaint, Jack Loomes did not pursue the matter as there was no basis to his false and misleading claims.

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