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Learn The Game Changing Trading Secrets To Thrive In Any Economy

Wealth Within - Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT)


With the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, your path to a thriving trading career starts right now.

As we speak, the global financial system hangs in the balance, casting a dark shadow over our economy.

Interest rates are rising every month and economists warn that the worst is yet to come.

You've heard it all over the news and in one way or another, everyone's feeling the pinch.

Your curiosity has brought you here and that can only mean one thing:

You want a chance to rise above, take control and create a financially secure life, regardless of the state of the economy.

More than ever, it's crucial to devise a game plan that will secure your financial future.

No-one else is going to care about your money and your future like you will.


No-one is coming to rescue you. Even the government can't help, if they wanted to.

But your financial future is right in front of you and you owe it to yourself and those you care about to become financially independent by any

legitimate means and as soon as possible.

However, not all opportunities are created equal.

Many opportunities are only as good as the economy. In the case of a crisis, they crumble along with it.

Share Trading is your ticket to thrive and amass wealth even in the midst of chaos.

Don't settle for a salary that will never be enough when wealth and abundance is within your grasp.

YES, I WANT TO APPLY!And Learn the Winter-Proof Trading Tactics To Thrive in ANY Economy

This education is NOT for everybody...

This is who IT IS for...

We are quite selective about who we enrol in our courses, so we’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria you must meet in order for us to proceed...

There are two types of people in the world right now: those who are sitting back and blaming their circumstances on outside events and those who are taking action to transform their lives.

Our education is for the second type of person.

  • You MUST be serious about your future
  • You SHOULD ideally have 1 to 2 hours a day that you are committed to learning
  • You MUST be open to thinking like the 1% of profitable traders

Thousands of people have unlocked their financial future at Wealth Within, from tradies to teachers, and entrepreneurs to executives.

These people are dreamers, doers and achievers.

They want to design a life on their terms and crush the obstacles that stand in their way.


"What Dale has to say about the Diploma Course."


With The Diploma You'll Learn...

  • Proven techniques and strategies from Australia’s leading specialist educators
  • How to recognise market tops and bottoms (eg when to get out and when to get in to lock in profits)
  • How to master the markets so you have a higher probability of profits on every trade
  • How to manage and control the emotions of “Fear & Greed” that are destructive to even the most seasoned traders
  • How to think like a professional trader and the mindset required to profit long term without the fear of nasty losses
  • How to create a financially abundant mindset that will stay with you forever


The great news is that you’ll receive an internationally acclaimed Diploma (the only government accredited training of its kind)

Apply To Enrol In Wealth Within’s Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) Today

YES, I WANT TO APPLY!And Learn the Winter-Proof Trading Tactics To Thrive in ANY Economy

Why Accredited Education in Trading Matters

Regardless of your gender, age, location or current situation, if you are still reading this, you must be serious about taking action and transforming your financial future.

It's only natural that you want better things for yourself and your family. We all dream of financial security, let alone a bigger house, private schools, regular travel and holidays.

Or maybe it’s not all that fancy stuff…

Maybe you just really hate your job and want to learn how to master a skill that will give you the flexibility and freedom you desire.

You’ve probably heard that trading shares, crypto, fx or cfds will give you:

  • More flexibility with time... You choose when you work and never have to answer to anyone. Based on the majority of our students, if you put in a solid year to learn, then a solid year to master the psychology of thinking like a trader, you’ll be able to tell that boss you no longer require his (or her) services.
  • More money…..You get to choose how much you earn (of course everyone’s income levels are different and we can’t promise you a magic number but you’ll set yourself apart from millions of mediocre traders and make real profits).

And that might make some people reluctant to get into trading.

However if you’re still reading, you’re probably not one of those people.

You’re someone who wants to be a highly profitable and successful trader AND with our internationally recognised courses along with our world class trainers, your path to a successful trading career can be smooth sailing, making the effort and money you invested worthwhile.

Apply To Enrol In Wealth Within’s Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) Today

YES, I WANT TO APPLY!And Learn the Winter-Proof Trading Tactics To Thrive in ANY Economy

Let Wealth Within’s Diploma Change Your Life

Wealth Within's Diploma of Share Trading and Investment is the first and only trading course accredited by the Australian government. In addition to that, it's also internationally recognised and open for students from anywhere around the world.

It is the perfect course for beginners or intermediate level traders who want to upskill and increase their confidence and profits.

Whatever your level of experience, if you're a complete beginner or further along in your trading journey, after completing our Diploma, you'll...

  • Understand bull and bear markets and what that means
  • Learn how to correctly analyse the market and market trends
  • Learn how to read all types of charts and graphs
  • Adopt useful entry and exit strategies (needed in every trader's plan)
  • Make more intelligent and profitable financial decisions
  • Trade with more certainty and confidence than 95% of all current traders
  • Never think that someone else knows better than you and what to do with your money.
WARNING: This is not a get rich quick course.

This, or any other course for that matter, is not a guarantee of future wealth or success.

Instead, it's a springboard that you can use to make a successful jump toward expert financial knowledge and know how.

It's what YOU DO that ultimately determines the outcome.

Given Wealth Within is the ONLY government accredited course, why would you take the risk learning anywhere else? If we didn’t have world class training and education, the Australian Government simply would not renew our accreditation.

By the way, as of Thursday 1 April 2021 Wealth Within just received RE-accreditation which is a pretty big deal…… We had to do a lot of proving ourselves to the government for that to happen.

Why Choose Wealth Within's Education?

Wealth Within's Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) is not like the other trading and share market courses you’ll find online.

Have we mentioned it's the only course that has been officially accredited and approved by the government? 😉

Not that we are telling you what to do BUT….

You might want to stay away from cowboys that claim you'll achieve success overnight if you just follow their “trading signals”. It’s just not the truth and people lose money every day by blindly following someone else's signals.

Anyone who knows the first thing about trading also knows that it requires a lot of work, dedication and patience.

Instead of showering you with empty promises, we put our focus on making our trading course actually work for you and easy to understand.

Our trainers work tirelessly to assist our students to achieve outstanding results.

Apply To Enrol In Wealth Within’s Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) Today

YES, I WANT TO APPLY!And Learn the Winter-Proof Trading Tactics To Thrive in ANY Economy

The investment experts at Wealth Within have over 50 years of combined experience in navigating and trading chaotic markets.

You're learning with world-class materials and the best people in the industry.

"I enjoyed doing the course and am looking forward to taking the knowledge I have learned and using all my knowledge all of the time to get the best possible outcome from my trading. Thanks!"

You'll learn today's most effective trading strategies.

These trading strategies have been tested and proven over hundreds of years.

Our down-to-earth interactive approach allows each student to engage better with the course and the materials.

You’re not just buying some course off the internet where you never get any one-on-one help.

We are a real Registered Training Organisation with real people, real buildings and real results.

With effort, commitment and a bit of patience on your part, you will take your trading skills to the next level and achieve profit producing results that will put more cash back in your bank account than you started with.

What's more, our friendly team are here to offer support whenever you need it. They'll guide you every step of the way, from the moment you enrol to when you complete the course and beyond.

In addition, our team has created a supportive and welcoming environment that everybody feels comfortable learning in.

Don't Just Believe Us...
Here’s What Our Students Say

Nothing would be possible without our diligent and hard-working students. They are the pillars of the success of our courses. We only provide them with the knowledge, so it's up to them to use it to turn their lives around and kick-start their careers in trading. Here's what students have to say about Wealth Within's Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT):

So… Who is Dale Gillham And Wealth Within?

In 2002, Dale Gillham and his associates founded Wealth Within with the goal of providing all kinds of financial solutions for clients, helping them achieve the biggest of their life goals.

Dale Gillham is an award-winning author, trading specialist, and motivator with over 30 years experience in multiple different sectors in the investment industry.

With regular appearances at major events, as well as the media, he is considered “One of Australia's Most Respected Stock Market Analysts” (Wealth Creator Magazine, 2004).

Since the very beginning, Wealth Within has been putting students first, always making sure their needs are met.

At the same time, they have been perfecting the learning materials to ensure they produce clear and obvious results for each student who enrols.

We don't mind being held to the highest of educational standards.

After all, our courses have been bringing financial wisdom and confidence to students all over the world for the past 19 years.

Apply To Enrol In Wealth Within’s Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) Today

YES, I WANT TO APPLY!And Learn the Winter-Proof Trading Tactics To Thrive in ANY Economy

Frequently Asked Questions

The Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) is suitable for teenagers and adults of all ages and nationalities who want to learn the ways of the share market, no matter their previous career choices. In other words, the Diploma is suitable for anyone, including those who:

• Are brand new to the trading world
• Manage their own funds and superannuation
• Want to make additional income
• Feel trapped in their current career and want a change
• Seek a more profitable career path and are looking to replace their income
• Tried to trade in the past but had little to no profitable results
• Want to be able to trust themselves and their own trading decisions
• Are professionals in the finance and investments industry and looking to build upon or refresh their knowledge
• Are in need of a valid certification to back up their skills

The subjects in the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) are spread across five different modules:

1. Analyse Markets and Financial Information. This module acts as an introduction to the course , teaching you the basics of the stock market, as well as fundamental and technical analysis. At this stage, you'll also learn what it takes to become a successful trader.

2. Analyse Market Trends. In this module, you'll gain a more thorough understanding of the stock market and how to interpret price movements using graphs and charts. No matter the current market situation, you'll know how to analyse the direction of its trends and make decisions accordingly.

3. Trade Market Trends. This module will help you get to know the tools and techniques involved in trading. In addition, you'll learn how and when to apply them, and how to combine them to reduce risks and raise your profits as much as possible.

4. Apply Price Analysis to Market Trends. The primary goal of this module is to teach you about price analysis and show how it can help identify the market's strengths and weaknesses.

5. Apply Pattern Analysis to Market Trends. Finally, in the last module, you'll get acquainted with the different phases of the market and how to read the signs to detect auspicious investing opportunities. You'll also develop your own optimal entry and exit strategies.

For more information about each module click here to receive our Course Handbook and Enrolment Guide as well as speak with an education specialist.

To enrol, an applicant has to have an Year 12 qualification or equivalent.

By equivalency, we mean that the applicant has to:

• Complete our Pre-Training Review Questionnaire

• Possess a qualification at a Certificate IV level or above

• Have completed a literacy and numeracy test (for anyone who hasn’t completed Year 12 or a Cert IV)

• Completed a certificate from our Short Course in Share Trading (i.e., first three modules of the Diploma)

• Or provide evidence of having at least 3 years of experience in a role that requires numerical calculations and written communication (i.e., a recommendation letter from their employer or a Stat Dec if you are self employed)

Besides these official requirements, our students must be proficient in English and basic mathematics. In addition, sufficient computer skills are mandatory...

These will be necessary to ensure each student can keep up with the course and get the most of it.

Although Wealth Within doesn't have a dedicated course for cryptocurrency trading, the fundamental skills you'll acquire with the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) will help you navigate any kind of market, including cryptocurrencies.

Unlike other educational institutions, which allow only a few enrolment opportunities a year, Wealth Within offers maximum flexibility. You can apply for the course every Monday throughout the year.

Click here to complete our online form to receive our Course Handbook, Enrolment Guide and to have a chat with our education specialists.

Depending on which of our courses you decide on, we can go over the investment options for each course. Our Course Handbook and Enrolment Guide also has an outline of the course fees. You can click here to complete our online form to receive it.

Apart from the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT), there are other educational programmes that Wealth Within can offer you:

• Trading Mentor Course (a great course to start with if you’re not sure the Diploma and it’s time commitment is right for you)

• Short Course in Share Trading (offers greater flexibility for those who are time poor)

• Forex and CFD Course

• Advanced Trading Course

What Will You Do When You 10X Your Diploma Investment?

We are so confident that you will be able to at least 10X your investment in this course, that we will give you an entire 30 days to feel the same way.

If within 30 days of commencing the course you don’t believe that you will be able to 10X your investment by completing the course, we would insist on giving you a full refund - no questions asked.

Do you remember when you first had the idea of trading for a living?

That thrill of excitement as you heard of others building wealth and imagining it could be the same for you?

That hope that lives inside you – although at the moment may be hidden under layers of questions and doubts.

Because let’s be honest, trading isn’t just hard, trading is for the committed.

Choosing trading means that everyday you must enter the markets with the psychology, the tools and the discipline to follow a proven plan (even when you don’t FEEL like it), so that you will thrive whatever the economic conditions.

Whatever your questions and doubts around trading are, Wealth Within's Education is the answer. It’s a bold claim, we know.

So, that's why we guarantee that in the first 30 days of commencing this course you will be confident in your ability to at least 10X your investment or your money back.

We’re bold because it’s true – and because our excitement and our passion is to help you succeed.

See for yourself!

“I found Dale and Janine on the Business Channel one night and I liked what they were talking about and I could relate with them, with things they were saying. And I decided to study the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment to take control of my own future. That's the best thing that I've ever done. I'm able to invest my money knowing that I'm in control of it.”


“I think just having to study and also listening to podcasts and watching the webinars — I think it's given me a better overall picture of what trading is and how it all works, and what it could lead to, as well. I mean, I'm quite happy being a social worker and doing my full-time job, but who knows? In two, three, or five years time, things might look a bit more different.

But I know that having those skills of being an educated trader, that's gonna stay with me forever. So, I can be using those skills in whatever jobs I might have.”


“It allows me, even now, in the early stages of the course, to understand how to protect my capital and how to go about maximizing the opportunities that I have, increasing my wealth, and getting through retirement.”


Take action today and apply for the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT).

Your new career and life cannot wait another year.

You deserve to have a vibrant and fulfilling trading career. Dale and his team will coach you through these life changing methods and techniques.

All we ask is you promise to log into the course, study the content and complete the assessments in the first module.

If you simply commit to doing that, YOU WILL FEEL CONFIDENT THAT YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

So, make a decision to maximise your life in becoming a profitable trader NOW.

We know you can succeed, Dale knows you can succeed, but what matters is YOU knowing you can succeed; commit and DO IT!

Apply To Enrol In Wealth Within’s Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10943NAT) Today

YES, I WANT TO APPLY!And Learn the Winter-Proof Trading Tactics To Thrive in ANY Economy