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Chinese Bubble Won't Pop

12 Mar 14

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Is China one giant bubble waiting to pop? I don’t subscribe to fear campaigns and neither should you. So is there any cause for concern for investors? Firstly, the Chinese economy is expected to achieve about 7.5 per cent growth, but could fall to around 7 per cent — still high relative to world standards, which are closer to 3 per cent. A few years ago when Chinese growth was at a dizzying 11 per cent, forecasts indicated a fall to around 7 per cent...

Aussie Companies Deliver on Dividend Growth

11 Mar 14

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Chief investment analyst at Wealth Within, Dale Gillham says that looking to dividend paying stocks for income is generally an Australian phenomenon that has developed in part because of the structure of our market where a small number of very large companies dominate the index. “Dividend yield and dividend payments themselves are heavily promoted in Australia as a way of keeping shareholders happy,” said Gillham. This contrasts with other developed markets where investors tend to be more comfortable looking at other asset types, such as fixed interest for the income component of their portfolio...

Why it Pays to be Specific When Investing

26 Feb 14

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Mr Sterling, a sharemarket ­analyst at private investment company Wealth Within, says traders with experience are looking for strong trending stocks to make a short-term play for profit. Trending stocks are those that demonstrate a clear propensity to either increase or decrease in value, in contrast to stocks whose prices remain largely unchanged. “This is because trending stocks tend to have long-term moves both up and down. This is good from a trading perspective as you’re able to identify strong momentum as the market unfolds in a particular direction. Trending stocks tend to be those in growth type industries,” he says...

Do You Want to Become Independently Wealthy

18 Feb 14

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Experience shows that if you want to make more money you need to invest and, when it comes to making an investment decision, you need to get educated, do the research and plan your investment approach. There is no shortcut to this, as hundreds and maybe even thousands of people have learnt the hard way – they might have thought they had found a quicker way to invest, but later realised they have been ripped off as a result of empty promises. I would like to share what I know so that you do not fall prey to spruikers selling the dream of easy money.  We often receive calls from people who have handed over thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars...

Jewels in Hunt for Distant Dollars

15 Feb 14

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Wealth Within global market strategist David Thang says that Australian shares make up less than 3 per cent of the global market, which means sticking to local investments can be too narrow for some investors. Overseas markets offer more diversification, he says, although they also come with greater risk. “Investors also need to consider the issue of currency risk. Unless an investor understands how to offset their risk of currency fluctuations, such an investment ought to be considered high risk and not for the average investor,’’ Thang says...

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