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Making the most of market volatility

06 Sep 11

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Dale Gillham from Wealth Within recommends options over the S&P/ASX 200 Index instead but says stop losses are cheaper still. Mr Gillham also says dollar-cost averaging during volatility can kill a portfolio.

Who Do You Trust

21 Aug 11

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"The majority who use online brokers really don't have the knowledge to trade the market," says Dale Gillham, who is the investment manager at Wealth Within and author of the only nationally accredited Diploma of Share Trading and Investment"Just because you can punch a couple of numbers in for BHP doesn't mean you know what you're doing," he says. "If you're a beginner you should use an advice broker because you'll get access to huge experience...

Market Unrest Has a Bright Side

18 Aug 11

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Dale Gillham, professional trader and analyst at Wealth Within, said ordinary Australians could make money despite the doom and gloom. "When it comes to the sharemarket, Warren Buffett's famous quote is to 'be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful'," he said. "There is no better time to focus on making money in the share market than following a substantial pull-back like the one we are now experiencing." He said such a move was always followed by the opportunity to buy quality stocks that had been sold down as investors liquidated their holdings. "There is, of course, a right and wrong way to go about investing," he said...

Market Closes Up Strongly

09 Aug 11

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Wealth Within analyst Janine Cox said the gains were the result of institutional and speculative trade following a week of panic in the markets. "The institutionals trade with algorithms, so they'll have a lot of computer algorithms sitting there waiting to pick up the stock when they hit a certain price. "A lot of that can cause a rebound, plus you get a lot of short-selling because of the spring back into the market," she said...

Stay on Target

09 Jul 11

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Wealth Within analyst Janine Cox expects the first quarter to be volatile. "I wouldn't be hanging my hat on a strong run just yet, as conditions are likely to remain mixed. Banks are likely to come under pressure, particularly in the first quarter," Cox says. "As is the case with a two-speed economy, we are likely to see a bit of a boost towards the mining sector later in the second half of the year. However, it is likely to take time before any benefits flow through to other areas of the economy." But there is some light on the horizon for share investors towards December, as a recovery starts to get under way, the analyst says...

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