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Top 3 ASX Nickel Stocks to Buy for Growth

Nickel is one of the hottest commodities on the market right now with long term potential for growth as the world makes the important transition to clean energy technologies. Two of the top 5 global nickel producing companies are Australia's BHP and IGO. In 2021, BHP sold 85 per cent of its nickel to the EV battery industry and has signed a memorandum of understanding for the supply of ...

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Best 5 Oil and Gas Stocks to Buy in 2022

In the financial year 2022, oil gained around 44 per cent while prices at the bowser increased around 33 per cent. Some brokers have forecast that the current global crisis will worsen and that oil will continue higher. So, in this week's Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine discuss whether they agree with this opinion and show you how to beat further price rises. They will also ...

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Top Australian Banks in 2H of 2022

ANZ surprised the market last week when they announced an offer to takeover Suncorp Bank (ASX: SUN) and it appears that the directors of Suncorp will support the deal, so should SUN shareholders also support the takeover. In this week’s Australian Stock Market Show, in addition to talking about the financial sector, Dale and Janine will answer investor’s questions about ...

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Top 5 Commodity Stocks to Buy in 2022

Since the highs in March 2022, silver has fallen 35 per cent, while copper is down around 37 per cent and iron ore is down around 34 per cent. As such, savvy investors are looking beyond the current commodities crisis and media hype to identify some of the hottest commodities with the greatest potential for profit. So is now the time to buy stocks with exposure to commodities that will ...

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Top ASX Growth Stocks to Buy in Q3 2022

What are the top 10 growth stocks to buy for the longer term and should you buy in the market dip? The Australian stock market spends more time rising than falling and history demonstrates how all significant declines are followed by stellar growth. For anyone thinking about buying shares, it’s important to understand that the stock market already factors into the current price ...

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