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Top 10 ASX Growth Stocks to Buy in 2024

With dividend yields likely to head lower in 2024, now's the best time to look for the top 10 ASX growth stocks to buy in 2024, including CSL, FMG and Macquarie Bank. In this week's Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine share their outlook for growth in the Australian market, their top 10 ASX growth stocks for next year and where to find the best return.

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Will Top Small Cap Stocks Outperform the Best Blue Chip Stocks in 2024?

Is it wise to play it safe and only buy the best blue chip stocks in 2024, or is it better to take on a bit more risk and invest in the top small-cap stocks so that your portfolio has the potential to outperform? In tonight's Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine answer these important questions and reveal a dozen of their favourite blue chip stocks and small-cap stocks with the ...

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5 Best Stocks to Buy Under $10 that Will Rise 20% or More

If all you had to do to make 20% in the next 12 months was find at least five best stocks to buy under $10 with the potential to rise, you would do it. So, how do you identify these hot stocks to buy from so many, and where do you start? In this week's show, Dale and Janine share the steps to get you started so you can identify the best stocks to buy as the market turns up. They also ...

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Will Lithium Stocks Recover: Best Stocks to Buy for Santa Rally?

Are lithium stocks the best stocks to buy before the next Santa rally? Lithium has fallen by around 75 per cent. In contrast, lithium prices have stabilised, so now's the time to take the contrarian view and grab an opportunity to buy the best stocks in the lithium recovery. So, when is lithium likely to recover? What are the experts saying, and which stocks provide the best gains? In ...

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7 Best Technology Stocks to Buy

Technology stocks have the potential to make significant gains in 2024, so which are the best seven technology stocks to buy? Currently, the sector is up around 18 per cent in 2023, and if this is any indicator of what's likely to occur, we could see double-digit growth next year. In this week's Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine discuss technology stocks and provide their view ...

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