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Bitcoin and Crypto Markets to Fall by Another 20%

The aftermath from the stock market crashes around the world caused by the COVID outbreak resulted in record numbers of new participants entering the market. It also created an influx of inexperienced investors into Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. Many of these investors had either never invested before or had very little knowledge and experience, and now with the market falling ...

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When Will the Stock Market Stop Falling?

Anyone who has ever invested in the stock market will have heard the myths around dollar cost averaging and that it is time in the market, not timing the market that counts. Every May we also hear the mantra that you should sell in May and go away. Given that the Australian market has been falling this month, investors may be thinking that they should heed this advice but it is really ...

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Stock Market Down 5% Since Last Week

Despite the chaos of cancellations and disruptions in the travel and tourism sector over the last two years due to COVID, we are starting to see signs that this sector is getting back to business. Last week Qantas announced plans to deliver the world’s longest commercial flights, which would see Australian’s fly from Sydney to London in just over 19 hours and New York in a ...

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Dow Jones Index Down 900 Points

We all want more money so we can live a comfortable life in retirement, yet the vast majority of those who do retire rely on some form of government pension. Why is this the case when we all have the ability to generate extra cash flow to create more financial security for ourselves?

Unfortunately, when it comes to investing, there are two major lies we tell ourselves that ...

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When will the Market Make its New All Time High?

If you type the word stock market into your browser, you will literally get millions of hits, some of which have good, valid information, while others are misleading and in some cases fraught with danger. While the incidences of misleading information and education in the financial space is not new, social media giants have made it very easy for anyone to become a financial influencer. ...

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