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Gain a quality education in share trading

When it comes to gaining an education in share trading, most people seek out quick fixes to achieving their financial goals, believing that short-term gratification will fulfil their long-term needs.

Unfortunately, most get caught up in the same trap given that they read the same books and go to the same weekend workshops, and in doing so get sold the same dream.

It is common for those who have ventured down this path to get hold of a set of rules and attempt to tick each one off to place a trade, believing the market is black and white. Or they attempt to paste incongruent information that they have selected from various books or from information gathered on the internet in the hope they will get things right.

In their mind, they are saving themselves time and money, but in reality, the opposite rings true.

Unfortunately, many fail to see, until it is too late, that it is costing them more money in terms of lost profits, capital and opportunity. If you think about it, it is like getting a box full of mixed jigsaw pieces. How do you know if all of the pieces in the box fit together to make one complete picture? You don’t.

That's why this approach to trading is way too simplistic. Some rules might work in certain conditions and markets, but they are unlikely to work in all markets over all timeframes.

Anyone who has ever experienced this knows that it is highly unlikely that they will become successful traders long-term.

Start profitably trading today with our share trading education courses

So many clients have shared that our approach to gaining an education in share trading has transformed their lives forever.

That's because we firmly believe your success in the share market involves learning the right combination of techniques and strategies. This is backed up by our hands-on support to ensure you can trade safely, confidently, and profitably.

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It's for this reason that we teach you the classical techniques and strategies of analysis, which have proven to be the essence of success in the stock market for more than 100 years.

The benefit to you is that renowned financial analyst, Dale Gillham, and his team have refined these techniques and strategies to present them in a simple, effective, down to earth manner that will ensure you save time and money. This means you’ll be making money in the markets much sooner than you otherwise would.

With a range of trading courses to choose from, all teaching proven techniques to profitably trade, it doesn't matter whether you're a complete novice or if you're already trading but still experiencing challenges in the market. We have a course to suit your needs.

As our clients have said, do it once and do it right because, as they have experienced, investing time in acquiring the right skills and knowledge, will ensure you become the successful and profitable trader you strive to be.

Enjoy the highest standard of education and support

By choosing to enrol in the only government accredited trading course, the Share Trading and Investment Course(previously Australia’s only government accredited Diploma of Share Trading and Investment course (10943NAT), you'll enjoy unparalleled backend support, the highest standard of education and a personal relationship with the education team rarely experienced today.

Written by industry specialists with over 60 years' of combined experience in the markets, the Share Trading and Investment Course offers the highest quality education to ensure clients are given the greatest advantage in achieving their financial goals in the share market.

Plus you'll have the guarantee that the share trading education strategies you'll learn really do work, as they are the same ones we use to actively manage millions on behalf of our clients through our boutique investment division that delivers returns that our perform the market over the medium to long term.

So if you are serious about taking the necessary steps toward achieving a secure and profitable future and you would like to develop an approach to trading where consistent results are achievable, look no further!

When it comes to trading the markets, there are some things you should only do once...because lifestyle matters!

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So what makes Wealth Within different?

With so much hype surrounding financial markets, we have sought to raise the bar in the industry by setting quality standards in the level of education being delivered.

This means we guarantee you the highest quality share trading education available today. As our courses are competency based, this also means you will have the evidence that you will be competent in the techniques and strategies being taught.

Our goal has been to ensure clients receive the correct knowledge and skill when trading the markets using proven and tested trading strategies.

No bells, no whistles, just safe profitable returns.

And we have to proudly say that the majority of our clients have achieved just that – although full credit goes to them because as the saying goes: 'the teacher arrives when the student is ready!'

To learn more about our trading strategies, review our Learning Centre

If you have any questions or you would like to speak to one of our Educational Consultants call 1300 858 272 or Melbourne direct on (03) 9290 9999.

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