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Advanced Trading Strategies Course

Take your trading to new heights!

Take your trading to another level with the Advanced Trading Strategies Course.

The Advanced Course will support you in mastering the advanced techniques required to fine tune your trading to achieve even greater profits.

Available to graduates of the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, the Advanced Trading Strategies Course will support you in mastering the advanced techniques required to fine tune your trading to achieve even greater profits. You will expand your skill and knowledge level to add a greater degree of sophistication and consistency to your trading strategy.

While the Diploma provides students with the high level practical trading know-how, the Advanced Trading Course builds on this by adding effective trading habits that enable a trader to truly stand on their own in the financial markets.

Learn the 'art' of share trading...

While the Diploma teaches you how to develop a rock solid trading strategy, the Advanced Trading Course explores the application of the 'art' of trading. By understanding the concepts taught in the course you will have a much more in-depth understanding of the market and trading

Learn how to 'time' the market...

Professional traders use the concepts of price, pattern and time as the core components of a successful, profitable trading strategy. As a Diploma graduate, you have a solid grasp of price and pattern yet with time analysis under your belt, your consistency in the markets will sky rocket.

Course Structure

This course consists of five modules:

Module 1 - Apply Elliott Wave Strategies to Trading
  • Understand how Elliott wave unfolds in both a bull and bear market
  • Trading rules applicable to each Elliott wave
  • The law of alternation
  • Calculate the length of each wave as it unfolds
  • Strategies for applying Elliott Wave Theory
  • Combining Elliott Wave Theory with price and pattern
Module 2 - Manage the Psychology of Trading
  • Achieving peak performance
  • Goal setting
  • Understanding the stages of learning
  • Common psychological factors affecting traders
  • Learning about your psychological makeup
  • Establishing your trading environment
  • Combining the emotions of trading with a mechanical trading system
Module 3 - Construct Portfolios for Trading
  • Portfolio management theories
  • Diversification or di-worsification
  • The importance of diversification and timing the market
  • The rules for constructing a profitable portfolio
  • Managing multiple portfolios
Module 4 - Develop an Operational Trading Plan
  • Factors influencing the type of trading plan you create
  • How to construct a trading plan for the short, medium and long term
  • Understanding the business of trading
  • Tax and trading
Module 5 - Apply Time Analysis to Trading
  • Understand the importance of time analysis
  • Combining price, pattern and time to significantly boost profits
  • How to apply time analysis to trade the market
  • Applying advanced timing techniques to increase the probability of a successful trade

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the educational requirements to enrol in the course?

    Students need to have completed the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment or equivalent and have proficiency in written and spoken English. Students also require sufficient computer skills in Microsoft Office, in particular Word, Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Explorer (or equivalent).

  • What subjects do you cover in the course?

    Apply Elliott Wave Strategies to Trading: This module introduces you to the concept of Elliott Wave Analysis and the rules applicable to successfully applying it in the stock market. It emphasises both basic and advanced techniques and how to apply these to confidently trade the stock market. It also builds on the knowledge and skills learnt in the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment by demonstrating how to combine price and pattern as part of a solid trading system.

    Manage the Psychology of Trading: This module helps to gain an understanding of the psychology of a trader and introduces you to the skills and techniques required to manage your psychology when trading. It also focuses on the trader’s environment and discusses how to combine the emotions of trading with a structured, mechanical approach to trading.

    Construct Portfolios to Trade: This module explores the concept of Modern Portfolio Theory and its attempt to optimise the risk-reward of investment portfolios. It then investigates the concept of diversification and how this strategy can support you in reducing risk and increasing returns. It also examines the rules for constructing a portfolio and provides a set of guidelines to create a portfolio based on the different levels of risk tolerance.

    Develop an Operational Trading Plan: This module supports you in developing a trading plan to trade the market over the short, medium and long term. It also introduces you to the business of trading and the strategies required to ensure your longevity in the market. It also discusses trading and tax, and the implications of the taxation rules on stock trading investments.

    Apply Time Analysis to Trading: This module investigates the use of time as an analysis tool, and how to combine this with the techniques of price and pattern to create a very solid trading system. It explores both the basic and advanced techniques of time and how you can use these to fi ne tune your entry and exit in the market to significantly increase profits.

    Trading Support: On commencement of the course, students will also gain 6 months free access to Mastering the Market, which enables students to see how the professional traders apply the techniques in the real world of trading. We also provide you with trading support on any trades you decide to place in the market including reviewing your analysis on entering or exiting a trade, as well as while you are managing the trade.

  • What study options do you offer?

    The Advanced Course is delivered over 60 weeks although we do provide the flexibility for students to complete the course in a shorter timeframe. More information about this is outlined in the Course Handbook.

  • Do I need to enrol in the Advanced Course if I have completed the Diploma?

    No, you can profitably trade the market after completing the Diploma. Students who enrol in the Advanced Course want to learn the more advanced techniques so as to develop the art of trading in order to take more profits from the market.

  • When can I enrol?

    To enable students the flexibility to commence their studies at any time, we offer rolling enrolments every Monday.

  • What are the tuition fees?

    Please refer to the Course Handbook and Enrolment Guide for the full fees and charges that apply.

Advanced Trading Course in a Nutshell

For those seeking a professional approach to trading that supports you to achieve your financial goals, we guarantee you the highest quality education available today.

And as with all courses offered by Wealth Within, you will continue to receive comprehensive support to achieve your goals.

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