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Image for the post titled as What is Robot Trading & Should You Be Worried?

Could computer algorithms be affecting the share market and therefore, your potential returns? We’ve been keeping a close eye on automated trading systems to see how these machines will affect market volatility and share prices for human traders. Robots are capable of placing 150 trades in just a few milliseconds and with rates as mind-blowing as that, it’s no wonder ...

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Image for the post titled as Trading for Tradies: How You Can Retire Early

As the pension age in Australia continues to gradually increase, those that work in a manual labour role might feel concerned about how they’re going to keep working when they grow older. Uncertainties about the future can put pressure on your physical and mental health, financial state and family life and at the moment, 40% of older Australians don’t get to choose when ...

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Image for the post titled as How to Double Your Trading Returns with Minimal Risk

I remember presenting to an audience around ten years ago and following my presentation a gentleman came up to me as he wanted to show how he had doubled his money. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a $50 note, folded it in half and said “there you go!” While he had a desire to make money in the stock market, he was sceptical although he clearly had a great sense ...

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Image for the post titled as Why Backtesting Increases Your Trading Profits

One of the most important rules in trading is to always trade on confirmation not speculation, which is only possible if you understand the risks you are taking with your trading. It is for this reason why I encourage everyone to back-test their trading plans, as it increases the profits you take from the market. Let me explain.

Imagine you have just designed the world’s first ...

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Image for the post titled as How to Make Serious Money Trading Financial Markets

The overriding emotions that govern how individuals make decisions when trading financial markets is fear and greed. But if you want to know how to make serious money when trading these markets, you need to learn how to properly invest rather than relying on the advice of brokers and financial advisers. 

All too often I have seen investors and advisers fail to make ...

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