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Image for the post titled as Timing the Stock Market - Debunking the Myth

Accepting the mantra that time in the stock market is more important than timing the stock market is probably the single greatest downfall of any investor wanting to beat the market average. The public is often cautioned through advertising slogans about the perils of market timing, but time in the stock market is probably the most perpetuated myth in the financial services ...

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Image for the post titled as Profiting from Sector Weightings

All stock markets are made up various sectors, ranging from Information technology to Materials. You may have come across the term GICS, which is an acronym for the Global Industry Classification Standard, which is the standardised classification system for equities.

There are 11 different sectors in total that stocks are classified into, which includes: Consumer ...

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Image for the post titled as The Power of Compound Interest

Albert Einstein once said compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it...he who doesn't...pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful forces in the universe. It is hard to argue with Einstein, as the power of compounding interest really is one of the most useful tools investors have.

Warren Buffett famously stated that ...

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Image for the post titled as Four Things to Consider When Investing Overseas

I’ve found there is a common theme when speaking to young aspiring traders and investors, which is quite concerning. They have the belief that investing overseas is more profitable but this couldn’t be further from the truth. But just because an overseas market is bigger or performing better, doesn’t guarantee that you will make more money.

There are a number of ...

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Image for the post titled as Generating Passive Income

Most of us wake up everyday to go to work and earn a wage that pays for our expenses. Then we repeat this process until we are at an age, and hopefully have saved enough of our wage, where we can afford to retire. Now while this is a little over simplified, as a little more happens along the way, it is pretty much the circle of life for most. 

You go to work to ...

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