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Wealth Within’s Hot Stock Tips Launches in Partnership with Hotcopper and The Market Herald

28 Nov 23

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The Market Herald and HotCopper are launching a new show, Wealth Within’s Hot Stock Tips, presented in collaboration with Wealth Within chief analyst and well-known stock market educator Dale Gillham. This show will be uploaded to the platforms on Tuesdays. The show – designed especially for HotCopper and The Market Herald viewers – will feature Mr Gillham’s picks for what ASX-listed stocks are running hot and which are not. In this first episode, he explores the share price movement of Healius (ASX:HLS), The Star Entertainment Group (ASX:SGR), Core Lithium (ASX:CXO), Life360 (ASX:360) and Bluglass (ASX:BLG). He uses Optuma Relative Rotation Graphs to explain his in-depth analysis. Dale Gillham is a respected stock market analyst with more than 30 years of experience in various investment industry sectors. He is a keynote speaker, and motivator and is also a bestselling author for the publication How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20% and award-winning book Accelerate Your Wealth— It’s Your Money, Your Choice...

Why Builders are Watching Rate Hikes Closely

17 Nov 23

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Speaking to Money Magazine EDM, Dale Gillham, chief analyst at Wealth Within, said "Last week, the RBA increased interest rates again, putting further pressure on mortgage holders, but will this rate rise also impact the construction industry and new homes? As many building companies have defaulted over the past few years due to labour shortages and the price of building materials at record levels, it's no wonder many Australians are worried about building a new home. As such, you would think the latest rate rise would spell disaster for the building industry. I'm not surprised that many think the housing market is all doom and gloom, but is this negative perception about the future of the construction industry an opportunity in waiting...

Where to Invest in this Economy

16 Nov 23

Money Magazine Logo

Money Magazine ran an article based on Wealth Within's founder and chief analyst Dale Gillham - here is what he had to say, "They say that bad news sells, and if that is true, there has been a lot of selling this year as our Australian stock market has sunk into negative territory. Before slumping in October, the market had been trading sideways after experiencing two periods of growth of around 8% and two periods where it fell 8% or more. All of this bad news and recent volatility have seen investors in Australia confused as to how to invest in our stockmarket. Do they go for growth, go for income, do both or sit it out until things improve? We know that good times never last, and neither do bad times. We also know that when things seem uncertain this is the time when fortunes are made...

Experts Concerned over RBA Interest Rate Hike

11 Nov 23

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While the horses may be running on Tuesday, all eyes will be on the Reserve Bank in a decision that will also stop the nation, as the central bank decides whether to increase the cash rate to curb inflation. With 69% of experts expecting a rise, according to Finder, some experts are concerned about what another rate hike could mean to certain segments of the economy. Among the contrarians were mainly economists and university experts with most citing the weaker economy and the lagged effect of previous rate rises as reasons for another pause. “Given the recent economic figures released it seems that our economy is largely flat and adding another rate rise onto an already stressed economy does not seem warranted,” said Dale Gillham Founder of Wealth Within. Whatever the case, the bets are in, and the nation holds its breath for what will be another photo finish on the first Tuesday of November. ..

Rate Rise Means $182K is now the Minimum Income to Afford the Average Aussie House

07 Nov 23 Logo

In this month's Finder RBA Cash Rate Survey, 45 experts and economists weighed in on future cash rate moves and other issues relating to the state of the economy. Almost three-quarters of the panel (69%, 31/45) correctly predicted a rate rise of 25 basis points – bringing the cash rate to 4.35% in November. Dale Gillham, chief analyst at Wealth Within said "Given the recent economic figures released it seems that our economy is largely flat and adding another rate rise onto an already stressed economy does not seem warranted...

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