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Dow Jones Index Down 900 Points

We all want more money so we can live a comfortable life in retirement, yet the vast majority of those who do retire rely on some form of government pension. Why is this the case when we all have the ability to generate extra cash flow to create more financial security for ourselves?

Unfortunately, when it comes to investing, there are two major lies we tell ourselves that ...

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When will the Market Make its New All Time High?

If you type the word stock market into your browser, you will literally get millions of hits, some of which have good, valid information, while others are misleading and in some cases fraught with danger. While the incidences of misleading information and education in the financial space is not new, social media giants have made it very easy for anyone to become a financial influencer. ...

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Market to Rise above 8,200 Points in Next 4-8 Weeks

According to a recent report from the ATO, there are over 600,000 self-managed Super funds (SMSF) with total estimated assets of around $876 billion, which accounts for almost 25 per cent of all superannuation funds. The ATO also reported that over 50 per cent of SMSFs were set up over 10 years ago and the establishment of new SMSFs has been on the decline for several years. So, is this a ...

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Why are ASX and International ETFs Declining?

This year has so far been a good example of investors doing the opposite of what they should when it comes to investing, as they are certainly not heeding Warren Buffets mantra of buy in doom and sell in boom.

According to the recently released BetaShares Australian ETF Review for February, outflows from Australian ETF’s caused the industry to fall for a second ...

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Why Green Hydrogen is the Next Big Opportunity

Last decade, the desire for electric vehicles has grown, so much so that rather than being a novelty they are now becoming mainstream. As a consequence, Australia’s rare earth miners have benefited with lithium being the big winner. This decade, rather than focusing on battery technology there has been a big push towards renewable energy sources and green hydrogen is shaping up to ...

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