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Stock Market to Crash Again According to Experts

This year the world has been thrust into turmoil with growing fears around the full effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerns are not just about our health, although understandably this is our immediate focus, but also the growing concerns among ordinary Australians around the global economic climate and how we can secure our future, not just personally but as a nation. Right now, our ...

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Will the Australian Market Trade Above 6,200 Points?

When looking to grow an investment portfolio, I often find that investors blindly follow the herd looking for the best bang for their buck. I also find that investors tend to focus on gaining income rather than capital growth from their investments, but smart investing is about the total return you receive.

Many are asking in the current COVID-19 environment where they should be ...

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Market Falls Despite Retail Traders Pushing Up Indices

With the US presidential election occurring in November, the media frenzy around the candidates President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden is only just getting started. One thing that stands out like the proverbial sore thumb is that the media do not like Trump, and I must admit he often does not act, as we would expect of a President to behave. So, are his actions good or bad? ...

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Will the COVID-19 Debt Bubble See the Market Fall Heavily?

Many Australian’s are currently enjoying the benefits of the Governments COVID-19 stimulus measures, although there are just as many worrying about the debt we are creating as a nation and how we will survive this.

Last Thursday, Treasurer Josh Fyrdenburg revealed that Australia’s budget would blow out to $184.5 billion this financial year, making it the biggest ...

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How Much Longer will the Australian Stock Market Trade Sideways?

Investors have been told for decades that they need to apply sector investing in order to balance their portfolio across multiple sectors to achieve a good return. However, in these times of modern technology and high frequency trading, does this strategy still apply?

The theory is based on the concept of investing in sectors that counterbalance other sectors that are likely to ...

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