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Stock Market to Rise Above 8,000 Points

For many investors, receiving a good dividend is their main focus when looking to purchase a stock. In some recent good news, Comsec stated that in the first quarter of 2022 $36 billion in dividends had been paid out, which was higher than the corresponding period in 2021. So, is this a good sign as to the health of the Australian stock market?

The answer depends on why the ...

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Why it’s Time to Start Buying Technology Stocks

In recent months both the Australian and US tech sectors have been falling heavily. From August last year until two weeks ago, the Australian tech sector has fallen nearly 40 per cent, while the US technology sector is down over 20 per cent as of a few days ago. While these falls indicate that the technology sector in both countries has crashed, is it now time to buy or should you run for ...

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Will the War in Ukraine Cause the Market to Crash?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused many investors to question whether they should continue to hold stocks or move to more defensive assets. While these concerns are acknowledged given that some divested their assets when the conflict started fearing the market would crash, unfortunately the research does not support these concerns.

During times of war, the stock market ...

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US Stock Market Achieves a Return of 17,715%

This year has been a roller coaster for the Australian stock market given that it achieved a new all-time high before falling over 11 per cent in January. February was a similar story, as the market rose strongly for two weeks before falling heavily over the following two weeks. This volatility, together with the speculation around inflation, interest rates and now the Russian invasion of ...

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BTC to Drop to Around 20,000 or below in 2022

In the three months between 22 October 2021 and 22 January 2022 Bitcoin crashed over 52 per cent in price. Many would consider it alarming if the stock market had a fall of this magnitude over such a short period of time, yet while some were concerned by such a large fall on Bitcoin the majority pretty much ignored it and were treating it as an opportunity to buy more Bitcoin at a cheaper ...

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