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How Long Will the Current Stock Market Rise Last?

Every time the market begins to rise, individuals start to question their sector investing strategy because they want to know which sector will perform best in the future. 

So why is this? Because investors are told that they need to buy into different sectors to reduce their risk in order to achieve good returns. Based on this philosophy, it is about investing in areas that ...

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Australian Market Strong and Likely to Rise Above 6,200 Points

In this week’s report, Dale discusses why the Australian stock market is strong and likely to rise over the coming months, as well as how to find the right stocks for your portfolio.

Prior to online trading, the iPhone and the internet superhighway, the most common question I was asked by investors was how to find the best stocks to buy. Interestingly, despite information ...

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Stock Market Indecisive: Will it Push Through 6000 Points?

In this week’s report, Dale discusses how the Australian share market is still showing signs of indecision, although it is starting to look more bullish than bearish, which means it may break above 6,000 points in the coming weeks.

In my report two weeks ago, I highlighted some alarming statistics released by ASIC on investor behaviour in the wake of the corona virus crash ...

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Stocks and Property Crash in 2020: What Next?

In this week’s report, Dale discusses how Australian stocks and property have crashed in 2020, and the effect this may have on your retirement.

It has been a long held belief over many generations that we need to pay off our mortgage as fast as possible. As a consequence, it was common to find Australian’s in their 50’s and 60’s who had done just that, ...

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Is the Current Rise on the Market a Suckers Rally?

As a nation, the current corona virus climate has seen many Australians adjust to a new reality in how we live. Although, there is one thing that has not changed and that is how retail investors continue to walk a dangerous tight rope when it comes to investing in the stock market.

Last week, ASIC released a report highlighting its concerns about the trading activity of retail ...

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