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Perfect Time to Profit As Market Trades to New All-Time Highs

Welcome to the New Year!

This first month of this year is a little different as it marks the start of a new decade, which often brings with it new opportunities although this isn’t always the case. So let me ask you - do you want this decade to be like the last or do you want it to be bigger, better and more fantastic? The difference as to how it turns out will really come ...

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Australian Stock Market Will End 2019 Up Strongly

No doubt you are probably sick and tired of hearing about Brexit and the US China Trade war. Both of these world economic issues have been dominating the news all year with question marks about whether they will actually be settled. But the good news is that in 2020 we are likely to see a resolution on both fronts. 

The UK election is currently underway and if Boris Johnson and ...

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Why You Should Buy Stocks Low and Sell High

The common mantra in the share market for those looking to profit is to buy stocks low and sell high. While intellectually this trading method appears sound, it is not as easy as many would have you believe. On a weekly basis I am asked whether a particular stock is cheap enough to buy right now. However, buying low and selling high has nothing to do with whether a stock is ...

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Australian Market Officially Bullish in 2020

In this week’s Australian Stock Market update, Dale discusses why the Australian share market will be officially bullish in 2020. He also shares why some experts are talking about an index squeeze in the stock market and why index investing is costing you money.

Right now there is a lot of talk that the market is heading for an index squeeze, which has some investors worried ...

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How to Avoid a Bear Market and Make Money

A week can be a long time in the stock market, while at other times it’s not long enough. It seems the high-tech world we live in has shrunk our perception of time, given that we are getting more and more drawn into instantaneous information that may provide an edge to make money in the market. 

But is this really good for us? I would argue that it isn’t because too ...

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