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Iron Ore Prices Fall Over 50 Per cent

In mid-July iron ore was $228 but then China announced it was cutting steel output and by 22 September iron ore fell by more than 50 per cent to be trading just under $100. Over the same period, Australia’s big miners fell away with BHP and RIO down around 30 per cent, while FMG is down over 40 per cent. Given this, many investors are asking whether they should be buying the big ...

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Fears for China’s Economy

There are concerns for China’s economic growth given the potential collapse of one of its largest property developers, Evergrande. Speculators are suggesting that if Evergrande fails, this could result in the Australian share market crashing, which I strongly disagree with.

Right now, everything we hear is either about COVID or China and how this will affect not only our ...

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Are Australia’s Big 4 Banks Set to Rise?

According to the RBA’s September report on the Australian economy and financial markets, the profitability of Australia’s banks has been falling since the GFC. The research looks at the return on shareholder equity after tax and minority interests just prior to the 1987 stock market crash until now.

According to the RBA, Australia’s major banks peaked at 20 ...

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Are Materials and Financials Sectors Set to Crash?

Last week, the Australian stock market traded to its lowest point in five weeks and at one stage was down nearly 2.5 per cent. While this may add fuel to those who are propagating that the stock market will crash, we need to look at the bigger picture rather than what occurs on any one day or week.

The Australian stock market is top heavy with two of the 11 sectors effectively ...

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Pump and Dump Stocks: Is it a Good Trading Strategy?

Last week, ASIC released an article warning people of the common tactics used to get individuals to invest in shares. The article titled “Don’t believe the hype” discusses three trading strategies that are used to take advantage of retail investors. I have voiced my concerns about these practices in the past, as they have little to do with clients profiting from good ...

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