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How to Improve Your Lifestyle in Retirement

When discussing superannuation, I am sure you have heard a vast array of opinions, with some being good while others are not so good. For those who have read my books, you know I am not a big fan of superannuation, although I am a big supporter of Australians planning for their future.

Yesterday I was listening to a financial expert advise that people have two options when it ...

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Why the Australian Economy is Driving the Stock Market Higher

Let me start this report off by asking whether you believe the Australian economy is in a slump or is it starting to boom? No doubt, your response will depend on who you have been listening to.

Perhaps you may be thinking that our economy has been tough and the worst is behind us, or maybe you believe there is more bad news to come. If you pick up any newspaper, invariably there ...

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Are We in a Bull or Bear Market in the Short Term?

Most Australians are now back at work, the Australian open is over and the “big bash” cricket is just winding up, as are the Chinese New Year celebrations. And let’s not forgot, the kids are back into a routine with school recommencing last week.

The December/January period tends to be the time of year when overspending occurs, with many playing catch up over the ...

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Avoid Market Noise and Make Better Trading Decisions

I am sure I am not alone in saying that the internet has created a double edged sword, as it can be incredibly useful while also being incredibly dangerous. When it comes to the stock market, it is definitely a double edged sword, as it has increased access to investments, reduced costs and allowed us to do our own research. On the flip side, however, it causes overwhelm, confusion and ...

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Is Cryptocurrency Now Safe or Should it be Avoided?

Last week I was reading a newsletter produced by a business in the financial services industry and I was shocked to see the results of a survey completed by financial advisers in the US in regards to investing in the cryptocurrency market. The results from the survey indicated that 6 per cent of advisers had an allocation of crypto assets in their client’s portfolio. What was even ...

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