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Why is the Australian Stock Market Not Booming?

Just over a year ago, the nation was plunged into uncertainty as COVID-19 started to take hold, forcing almost everyone into lockdown. Prior to this, the Australian economy had broken records for the longest uninterrupted economic growth in the developed world before falling into a technical recession.

As a nation, we banded together and the economy is now booming with strong ...

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Market Likely to Trade Down to Below 6,500 Points

In the late 70’s and early 80’s we saw the start of the technology boom with Microsoft and Apple beginning to become household names and now 40 years later I believe we are at the start of a new wave of technological innovation. So, where is this innovation going to come from? In my opinion, it will be blockchain technology.

Most people associate blockchain with Bitcoin ...

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Opportunities to Invest in the Market in 2021

Over the past few decades, Australian media companies have slowly declined as many individuals take to the internet and social media for their daily news. The Australian government must be applauded for the recent agreements with both Google and Facebook, which has forced them to negotiate and pay for content from Australian media companies.

Australia used to have several very ...

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Will our Market Outperform the US in 2021?

In times of crisis, it seems that governments around the world are more than happy to continue to dish out ever increasing stimulus packages to solve the problem but are they just delaying the inevitable or are they spending our grandchildren’s future?

According to Katsua, an independent research firm, the US printed $4.5 trillion dollars in 2020, which represents around ...

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Will the Stock Market Market Rise or Fall?

The term “fake news” became mainstream during the 2016 US election campaign, as false or heavily biased stories were distributed on hundreds of websites and across social media. This issue has now become a global problem, as it challenges the way we share information and perceive the world around us.

Last Friday, as I was preparing to write this report, I typed into ...

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