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BHP, Rio Tinto and FMG to Rise Strongly Post COVID-19

Vale, the world’s largest producer of iron ore pellets and nickel, has approved the $US1.5B Serra Sul 120 project in Brazil. Some may remember in January 2019 that Vale had a disastrous dam failure that halted their operations in Brazil, which resulted in Australian mining stock prices rising strongly. From January to July 2019, BHP rose over 20 per cent while Rio increased by 30 ...

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Has the Bubble Burst on Tech Stocks?

Following the COVID-19 meltdown on the Australian stock market, a new generation of investors who were stuck at home, hit the market in 2020 attempting to create some cashflow. Primarily, their focus has been on technology stocks, so much so, that over the past few months talk around these stocks has accelerated at lightning speed. In order to understand the hype around tech stocks, we ...

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Indecision Dominates Australian Stock Market

One thing I’ve learnt over almost three decades of trading the stock market is that when individuals invest their hard-earned money, they never expect to lose. While on an intellectual level they know it is possible to lose money, they just don’t think it will happen to them. This false reality unfortunately means investors tend to make emotional decisions when investing their ...

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Australian Economy and Stock Market to Boom Post COVID

This year has been one most of us would like to forget and while some of us have suffered from fires, floods and droughts, all of us have had to endure COVID-19. I am sure many will agree, that being in an environment where our state and federal governments have had to make some quick but tough decisions that affect the way we live has been challenging, there has been some positives. ...

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Stock Market to Crash Again According to Experts

This year the world has been thrust into turmoil with growing fears around the full effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerns are not just about our health, although understandably this is our immediate focus, but also the growing concerns among ordinary Australians around the global economic climate and how we can secure our future, not just personally but as a nation. Right now, our ...

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