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Will the All Ordinaries Index Rise Above 5,800 Points?

There is an old saying that you don’t know what you don’t know. In my experience, over the past few decades I have found there is one thing in common with both traders and investors and that is many overestimate their level of knowledge and competency when it comes to the stock market.

According to surveys conducted by the ASX, it is common to find around 50 per cent ...

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Has the Australian Stock Market Crash Finished?

Is dividend investing still a viable strategy?

For as long as I can remember, it has been general practice for investors, especially retirees, to invest in high dividend paying stocks to generate income. While there is some merit with this strategy, I could argue the opposite. It has often been a good strategy to be a long-term holder of banking stocks to collect dividends but ...

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How Dollar Cost Averaging Can Damage Your Returns

Over the past month I have seen investors go through a myriad of emotions from disbelief to fear and then greed. Right now, investors are looking for certainty in an uncertain market with many asking whether the market has bottomed and is this stock cheap, and can I buy it now. 

The more concerning question I am getting right now is from those who own stocks and are losing ...

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Unemployment Rises - Will this Affect the Stock Market?

If you are confused about where the economy is heading, what you should be doing with your home loan or where to invest, you are certainly not alone.

Uncertainty in the stock market and the economy is causing investors to move into a state of confusion, overwhelm and indecision. Questions are being asked about whether now is the time to fix interest rates on housing loans given ...

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Bull Run or Bear Trap: Where is the Market Heading?

It is inevitable that when the stock market falls heavily, we see an increased number of people questioning not only the stock market but their advisers and the products they have chosen to invest in.

In the past, when using advisers, investors typically do what I call the dump and run strategy meaning they had an investment or financial issue, which they dumped on the adviser ...

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