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Best Stocks to Buy in 2020

So what are the best growth stocks to buy on the ASX as we come to the end of 2020?

This year will certainly go down in history as one of the most challenging we have faced in so many ways including challenges with buying and selling stocks on the Australian stock market and world markets. In the 38 weeks since 1 January 2020, the Australian stock market rose a little over 7 per ...

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Managing Trading Risk Using the 2% Rule

Two critical trading risk management strategies to minimize your losses while maximizing your profits is correct position sizing and money management. This involves setting stop losses and calculating the amount you are willing to risk on each trade before you enter the market, which is essential to managing your risk.

While traders agree it important to set a stop loss, which ...

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Investing in the Commodities Market with Confidence

Trading commodities can be high risk without the right knowledge or experience because you are trading a highly leveraged market. But if you know when to invest in commodities, you can make a lot of money.

In tonight’s Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine discuss the important factors you need to consider when investing in commodities, so you maximise your profits and ...

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Best Mining Stocks to Buy

The metals and mining sector is likely to outstrip most sectors moving forward including global technology stocks, which have dominated the stock market in recent times. So which Australian mining stocks should you be watching?

In this week’s Australian Stock Market show, Dale and Janine share their thoughts on the Australian metals and mining sector, as well as how to ...

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Traders Mindset: Be in the Top 10% Who Make Money

A trader’s mindset or a trader’s psychology, as it is otherwise known, is one of the most critical elements to success in trading the stock market. Unfortunately, when making trading decisions, most traders experience indecision before placing a trade in the stock market while others feel buyer’s remorse after they purchase a stock for fear of losing money.

All ...

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