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5 Best Defensive Stocks to Buy: WES, MQG and 3 More

Investing in the best defensive stocks and having a road map for making good decisions is what investors need to generate good returns. Warren Buffett himself said – ‘All there is to investing is picking good stocks at good times and staying with them as long as they remain good companies.’ In this week's Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine share their 5 top ...

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Best Sectors & Stocks to Benefit from Rising Interest Rates

As the economy adjusts to higher interest rates, it’s important to consider whether your portfolio has exposure to the ASX best sectors and stocks with the potential to benefit the most. In this week's show Dale and Janine share their view on interest rates and where they will go. They will also share what they believe are the best sectors and stocks for the remainder of 2023, as ...

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Copper Prices to Rise 50%: Best Stocks to Buy in 2023

An impending copper supply squeeze has the potential to drive copper prices up by 50%. Smart investors are looking to get into the best copper stocks in order to gain from those companies that are set to benefit from rising copper prices. In this week's Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine share their analysis on copper, copper stocks and ETFs, along with tips to help you profit ...

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Oil Prices Rise: 5 Best Oil Stocks to Buy in 2023

Is it time to buy oil stocks right now? After experiencing a significant drop of 50% from their 2022 highs, oil prices are now on the rise, which makes oil stocks an attractive option. Top performing oil stocks such as WDS, STO, ALD, and BPT could do very well. In this week’s show, Dale and Janine share their thoughts on the current state of the oil market, and the potential ...

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Best Performing Stocks to Watch Now: 20%+ Growth in 2023

Are you looking for the best performing ASX stocks to invest in and score a 20% return? According to our analysis, many stocks could rise as much as 20% or more in the year ahead. Analysts are also predicting that August’s reporting season will be positive, which is likely to support higher prices. In this week’s Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine share their view ...

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