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Investing in the Top 3 Commodities

Many lithium stocks are up well over 100 per cent this calendar year while commodities and rare earth stocks are providing investors with exciting growth opportunities as global demand for lithium grows. Iron ore and nickel are also set to heat up this decade, therefore, smart investors would be wise to have exposure to metals related to construction and the production of electric ...

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Miners Fall 20%: Is Now the Time to Buy?

Last week, iron ore fell swiftly and, as a result, ASX mining stocks BHP Billiton, RIO Tinto and Fortescue Metals Group all fell around 20 per cent. Commodities, like iron ore, are cyclical in nature and the more volatile the commodity, the more likely it is for the underlying stocks to change quickly. It is for this reason why we love these stocks, as you can profit very quickly but this ...

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ETFs vs Stocks: Where to Invest $10,000

Since the GFC, exchange traded funds have been promoted heavily to encourage investors to enter the market to achieve supposedly superior returns at a lower cost and with better diversification. Now more than a decade later and with trillions invested in ETFs, investors remain uncertain about whether they are actually delivering on what was promoted with many questioning whether they ...

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Top 3 Infrastructure Stocks to Buy in 2021

Large corporations are snapping up infrastructure companies around the world, which is presenting some great opportunities for short term gains and/or long term growth and income. In tonight’s show, Dale and Janine discuss how to pick the best infrastructure stocks to buy in 2021, as well as the important signs to watch for when opportunities to profit present.

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Top 3 Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy in 2021

Right now, the Australian government and industry are investing significant amounts of capital into the development of renewable energy technologies in an effort to move away from a dependence on fossil fuels. The more this area develops, the more investors want to know how to take advantage of this exciting new growth area and the enormous potential to profit from it. 

So, in ...

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