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Hot Australian Stocks Ripe for a Takeover

Savvy investors can make significant profits if they know the right ASX stocks to pick when it comes to a hostile takeover. Investors are likely to witness an increase in the number of hostile takeovers in the Australian stock market in the coming years, as the market enters a new phase in its cycle. While this activity can create confusion with existing shareholders, it can also create ...

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Top 20 Growth Stocks for 2021

In tonight’s show, Dale and Janine share their preferred list of growth stocks on the ASX and discuss which will be the best performing stocks in the second half of 2021. They also reveal a method for determining which stocks are more likely to generate growth so that you can focus on your portfolio to ensure you are purchasing the best quality growth stocks, particularly now given ...

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Will Small Caps Perform Better in 2H of 2021?

Many traders attempt to pick small cap stocks with the aim of making significant gains in a very short period of time. Unfortunately, however, they often fail to understand the risks associated with this type of investing and, therefore, frequently get it wrong. So how do you increase your chance of success when investing in small caps vs midcap stocks and how do you determine which ...

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Best Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2nd Half of 2021

Last week, banks in the US announced they would be paying extra dividends this year and it is expected that Australian banks will follow suit. Banks stockpiled cash in 2020 preparing for loan losses and a recessionary environment, however, now this extra cash could be returned to shareholders in larger dividend payouts in 2021. 

Given this, in tonight’s Australian Stock ...

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Will Woolworths Rise following the Demerger?

In a shake up last week, Endeavour Group demerged from Woolworths causing the share price to fall over 10%. So will Woolworths continue to rise or fall and is it time to grab a bargain? In tonight’s show, Dale and Janine provide their analysis on what is likely to unfold with both Woolworths and Endeavour Group, and use the demerger of Wesfarmers and Coles Group as an example of ...

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