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Should you be investing in international stocks and markets? We would argue that how you diversify your stock portfolio will determine your success in the stock market. 

In other words, your understanding of portfolio diversification into international stocks and markets will determine your overall profitability over the long term.

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Would you like to learn how to get started trading stocks the right way so you profit consistently? This week we share the story of two traders and the journey they took in their attempts to profit from the market.

In listening to their stories, you will learn how to avoid the biggest and most common mistakes traders make, as well as the journey they took to get started trading ...

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This week Dale and Janine cut through the hype and hysteria about the Australian stock market potentially crashing to explain why it is poised for a record run using Dow’s phases of the market.

Charles Dow, the man who established the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1896, was arguably one of the first analysts to truly define the commonalities found in bull and bear ...

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In this week's Australian Stock Market Show Dale Gillham and Janine Cox share with you how to identify trading trends and how to trade with the trend.

No doubt some of you will have heard that trends represent the basic foundation of trading any market. Sayings such as “the trend is your friend” and “always trade with the trend” are common place in books or ...

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In this week’s show, Dale will follow through with last week’s topic to review and analyse my stock market trading portfolio. In analysing a portfolio of stocks sent in by a subscriber to the channel, Dale will show you how to increase your trading portfolio returns using some simple portfolio management rules that we have introduced you to in previous shows.

Indeed, ...

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