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Hedging Your Portfolio Against Inflation

COVID has caused inflation to spike in Australia and higher levels of inflation are likely to affect your investments in the stock market. While inflation has the potential to erode investment returns, particularly if individuals choose to invest predominantly in cash, how will inflation affect the stock market and what does this mean for your investments if inflation remains high in ...

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Best ASX Stocks to Buy Under $5

So what are the top ASX stocks to buy under $5? There is a common perception that companies that trade under $5 present the greatest potential for gain but is that really true. There is also another perception that companies in the top 20 biggest stocks on the Australian market are slow and boring. 

In this week's show, Dale and Janine will provide you with a different ...

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Is it Time to Buy US and ASX Tech Stocks?

Several analysts reported in September that the tech sector was overvalued when the US and Australian tech sectors peaked in price. Both sectors fell more than 10 per cent into early October, before the US Fed Reserve announced the tapering of bond purchases, which lifted both sectors off their lows. Some analysts are now suggesting that it’s time to buy, but was the bounce last ...

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Making it Rich from Long-Term Investing

Making riches in the stock market requires you to know three key strategies that ensures you achieve long term success.

In tonight’s show, Dale and Janine will share the biggest market myth that the majority follow that holds them back from achieving good profits. They will also share their guide to making riches in the stock market as they outline the three keys to long ...

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Investing for Kids: Creating a Stock Portfolio

Parents often ask how to pick stocks to build a portfolio to save for their child’s education. We are also asked for tips on educating kids, so they learn to invest as a way to secure their financial future. So, in this week's Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine plan to share with parents and their kids their top 3 tips for picking a winning stock portfolio. They will also ...

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