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Will Gold Stocks go up in May? Best 5 Gold Stocks to Buy

Have gold stocks peaked or are we likely to see higher prices in the coming months? Gold stocks are up 25 to 40 per cent as central banks hike rates to prevent inflation running away, which we haven’t seen since the 70's and 80's. In this week's Australian Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine share their view on how high five of the best gold stocks could rise in 2023, as well as ...

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Top 10 Stocks Ripe for M&A Growth in 2023

How do investors cash in on the opportunity that merger and acquisition deals bring to the market? Sonic Healthcare gained around 30 per cent in recent months while a $300 million dollar deal was struck and research indicates there will be many more important deals in 2023. What other M&A opportunities could be in the wings and how can investors find the stocks with the greatest ...

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Are Australian Banks a Buy Right Now: Top 3 in 2Qtr 2023?

Is now the best time in a decade to buy more Australian bank shares? Possibly, given that the RBA has put further rate increases on hold while smaller banks have started cutting fixed rate mortgages and the bigger banks are following suit. In this week's show, Dale and Janine reveal what this means for bank share prices, the potential upside for bank stocks and whether smaller banks will ...

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Top 10 Share Trading Strategies for Generating Income

Share trading is a great way to generate alternate streams of income and to get your money working harder for you. To succeed you need a good strategy and the right stocks to accelerate your success. In this week's show, Dale and Janine discuss how to use share trading to create an income stream from the stock market. They also share the trading strategies that work best and their top ...

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Which 10 Mining Stocks are Tipped to Boom in 2023?

According to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) there are over 650 metals and mining companies listed on our exchange, so how do you choose the best companies to buy. In the coming year, mining companies and the best commodities stocks have the potential to add an extra zero to your portfolio returns. Should you buy BHP, FMG and RIO? In this week’s show, Dale and Janine share ...

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