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Australian Stock Market 2019 in Review and What's Ahead in 2020

In this week's show, Dale and Janine review how the Australian stock market unfolded in 2019 and what we can expect moving into 2020. They also review your stock recommendations and provide their analysis on how their likely to unfold in the future.

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How to Find Sectors With the Best Stocks to Buy in 2020

In this week’s show Dale and Janine will discuss how to find sectors with the best stocks to buy in 2020. In doing so, they will share their process for scanning market sectors so you can learn how to find the best stocks to trade.

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How to Consistently Make Money in the Stock Market

In this week's show Dale and Janine share one of their golden rules for how you can consistently make money on the stock market, which will reduce your risk and potentially increase the returns you make when trading the stock market.

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Investing in High Dividend Yielding Stocks

While it is true that investing in high dividend yielding stocks can deliver a good income stream, what many don’t realize is that the reason these stocks are most likely paying a high yield is because they are falling in value, which impacts on your overall portfolio return.

That’s why it’s important to understand that as the price a stocks falls, its dividend ...

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Passive versus Active Investing

Much has been written about the benefits of active versus passive investing and depending on market conditions, one approach is inevitably more popular than the other.

Broadly speaking active investing is defined as the process of researching and picking the best stocks to buy or hiring a professional fund manager who takes an active approach to do it for you. Implicit in this ...

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