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Top ASX Growth Stocks to Buy to Achieve the Best Returns in 2023

Dividends are important for some investors, however, most want capital growth and income, so where can investors look to find the best growth stocks to help them achieve double digit returns. In this week's show Dale and Janine share three steps to help you prepare your portfolio to hold the right growth stocks in the best sectors ahead of the next rise. They also discuss the top ASX ...

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Will Defensive Stocks Outperform the Best Growth Stocks in 2023?

The collapse of SV Bank in the US and the rescue of Credit Swiss has caused concern for investors, with many searching for the best defensive stocks to buy. When investors turn to defensive stocks, it’s because they want to preserve capital while reducing their risk and increasing returns. So what are the top defensive stocks to buy, and will they perform better than the best growth ...

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Best PE Ratio Stocks to Buy for Savvy Investors

Are the best PE ratio stocks on the Australian stock market likely to make you the most money in 2023? Many new investors believe that picking the best low PE ratio stocks will increase their chances of a higher return, but is this true in today's market? In this week's show, Dale and Janine discuss what a stock’s PE ratio is and how to use it in a simple stock selection process. ...

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Best Shares to Buy in Australia under $10

Australian investors love a bargain and are constantly looking for the best shares to buy under $10. In fact, a lot of traders and even investors believe that to make money in the stock market, you need to buy the cheapest stocks. In this week’s show, Janine and Dale look at why people try to grab a bargain and whether buying the cheapest stocks is a wise strategy or just another ...

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Best Industrial Stocks to Buy for 2023

Members of company boards will at times buy or sell shares in their company, so when it comes to the best industrial stocks to buy, should investors use this information to give them an edge in the market or should they simply ignore it. In this week's show, Dale and Janine answer this important question and share what investors need to know and what they need to ignore, as well as their ...

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