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Automated Robot Trading: Is it Your Road to Riches?

Is robot trading stocks the answer to your success in the stock market? Over the past two years, there has been an explosion of new Fintech companies and software apps that utilise high frequency trading as a means of getting investors to trade more. In fact, many proponents of high frequency trading state that automated algorithmic trading will replace humans in the coming decade. But ...

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Will Bitcoin Go Boom or Bust in 2021?

For almost a decade, Bitcoin (BTC) and the blockchain technology behind it have been growing, so much so that there are now thousands of cryptocurrencies that are exchanged around the world. While cryptocurrencies are still not considered mainstream, Governments have started to either consider or have already adopted laws in this area.

So are we likely to see this once highly ...

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Start-up Companies: When Should You Invest?

In this week’s Australian Stock Market Show, Janine and Dale discuss with Michael Waitze (from asiatechpodcast.com) how to invest in startups, as well as when is the best time to invest in startup companies. They also discuss how to attract venture capitalists, angel investor’s vs venture capitalists and much more.

In addition, this week Janine and Dale provide ...

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Finding the Best Telco Stocks to Buy in 2021

Since listing, investors have continued to hold Telstra shares for the dividend yield even though the stock has underperformed compared to the broader market. That said, there are times when Telstra has performed very well over shorter periods. Like all stocks in the Telecommunications sector, Telstra will at times provide good capital growth while paying a reasonable dividend yield, ...

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How to Find the Best Mining Stocks to Trade

Mining stocks can be volatile, which makes them some of the best stocks to derive an income from when trading the stock market. Mining stocks are also very cyclical and can move quite fast over short periods, which makes them an attractive proposition for many traders.

That said, these same traits also make mining stocks very risky, especially for the ...

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