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How to Turn a Poor Performing Portfolio Around

Having reviewed countless portfolios over the past few decades, we have found, for the most part, that while the stocks may vary, they are generally the same. In other words, most investors have portfolios that tend to resemble a dog’s breakfast rather than a well-structured, profitable portfolio.

What this means is that the majority are not achieving their investment ...

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How to Profit From the Coming Stock Market Boom

Regardless of the economic environment, the stock market can be risky if you do not know how to profit. Knowing how to profit from the market is all about having a set of trading rules that work around what you look at, what you do and when you do it. Following those trading rules will not only keep your money safe but ensure you have a high probability of consistently profiting from the ...

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Virgin Australia in Voluntary Administration

Virgin Australia collapses into voluntary administration today as it looks to recapitalise and emerge in a stronger position following the COVID-19 crisis. So what does this mean for shareholders - will they lose out?

And is this the time for takeover offers, not just with Virgin Australia but other companies that may be in financial trouble. Shares have fallen heavily over ...

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Is Dividend Investing Dead?

In this week's edition of the Australian Stock Market Show, Dale & Janine discuss dividend investing and its relevance in our current market.

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Stock Market Crash 2020: Why is This Crash Different?

Unlike the GFC stock market crash that occurred in 2008, which was slow to start, the current stock market crash, which has been linked to the corona virus outbreak, has crashed at the top without warning. While this is important to understand, what is even more important is how investors are responding. Right now is the perfect time to be looking at how you approach the stock market, ...

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