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Top 3 Energy Stocks to Buy in 2021

Which 3 energy stocks will outperform in 2021? Join us on tonight’s show as Dale and Janine discuss why it’s important to understand where the money is flowing in the stock market and how you can benefit from this. They will also share the top 3 energy stocks to buy in 2021.

Remember, investing for profit is not about investing in sectors that have already done well, ...

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Predicting the Stock Market's Next Move

Predicting the stock market can be challenging, but what if there was a way to know how to predict stock market trends so you can invest with confidence to achieve consistently great returns.

So what is the best month to invest in the stock market and which months should you avoid. Investors are led to believe that October is the worst performing and highest risk month to be in ...

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Will Our Growing Debt Cause the Market to Crash?

Should investors be concerned about Australia’s economy and the growing debt crisis? And will Australia’s debt bubble lead to higher or lower prices on the stock market?

The government continues to spend at unprecedented levels in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent Australia’s economy falling from a recession in 2020 into a depression. With public ...

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Will the Stock Markets Rise Post the US Election?

Given that the Australian stock market reacts now, more than ever, to what is going on in the US, investors are feeling a little uncertain about the impact of the US election on our market and their investments. So, will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win and who will be better for the stock market?

Right now, given what occurred in the last US election, the outcome in this ...

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Short Selling Explained

As volatility has risen in the stock market over the past decade, short selling has become quite popular as investors seek to profit from rising and falling stock prices. Often stock prices will fall faster than they rise, which is what makes short selling attractive for those who want to profit regardless of market direction.

In tonight’s show, Dale and Janine will ...

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