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Is Dividend Investing Dead?

In this week's edition of the Australian Stock Market Show, Dale & Janine discuss dividend investing and its relevance in our current market.

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Stock Market Crash 2020: Why is This Crash Different?

Unlike the GFC stock market crash that occurred in 2008, which was slow to start, the current stock market crash, which has been linked to the corona virus outbreak, has crashed at the top without warning. While this is important to understand, what is even more important is how investors are responding. Right now is the perfect time to be looking at how you approach the stock market, ...

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Top 20 Stocks: Where to Post the Pandemic?

The Australian stock market has been hit hard as a result of the corona virus pandemic. That said, as history dictates all bear markets come to an end and everything gets back to normal, but what will the new normal look like.

To understand this we need to take a look at the biggest and best stocks in our market to see who is likely to survive and thrive, and who may struggle. ...

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Should I Buy Stocks or Leave My Money in the Bank?

It is common behaviour for investors to want to buy stocks that have fallen heavily in price because they perceive them to be cheap, which occurs regardless of whether the stock market is bullish or bearish.

Given that almost all stocks have fallen heavily in this latest stock market correction, there has been increased talk from investors wanting to jump in early to grab a ...

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Stock Markets Collapse: What Should You Do?

World stock markets are in a freefall with the coronavirus outbreak being blamed as the catalyst and investors are becoming increasingly uncertain about what to do.

Given this, in tonight’s Australian Stock Market show, Dale and Janine will look at the world markets and give you their expert opinion about what has occurred and what they believe will happen from here ...

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