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The most common questions people ask when it comes to thinking about retirement is how much money do I need to save for retirement or how much money do you need to retire comfortably?

While these are all great questions, the real question we should be asking is how can we become financially independent and retire early with $1 million dollars. Let’s face it, most of us ...

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Would you like to learn how to increase your trading profits by 30 percent or more, so you make more money in the stock market using a simple profitable trading strategy? So, what’s the catch? 

Let’s face it, most of us don’t like paying tax. So much so that many investors often lose thousands of dollars because they are told by professionals to hold on to ...

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Learning how to become a full time stock trader is a goal many strive to achieve. So how do you sack your boss and trade full time? In this week’s Australian Stock Market Show, Dale shares with you how to develop a strategy to trade full time so you can create your preferred lifestyle.

While it can take up to two years for anyone to become a full time stock trader, if you ...

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Should you trade stocks or Forex? This is a question a lot of people ask, so in this week's Australian Stock Market Show Dale and Janine will be discussing the hot topic of trading stocks vs Forex, which is more profitable and why.

The reasons why traders choose Forex is because they believe they will make far more money in a shorter period of time than if they choose to trade ...

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Would you like to learn how to make more money trading using the weekly and monthly chart? This week Dale and Janine discuss why trading with daily charts is costing you money and how trading using the weekly and monthly chart will make you far more profitable.

Using daily charts to trade is like having your face planted up against a brick wall because you are unable to see the ...

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