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Japans Chix Breaks Monopoly of Aussie Share Market

18 May 11

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"I am all for competition to keep an open market, prices competitive and better services," fund manager Wealth Within analyst Dale Gillham said yesterday. "I am not in favour of competition simply for competition's sake, to some degree this is what is happening here as our Government pushes for a more competitive market place in all things, not just our stockmarket...

Safe as Houses

16 Apr 11

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Dale Gilham, chief analyst at fund manager Wealth Within, said there were benefits and risks associated with the US housing market. The benefits include potential capital gains, if prices recover, and higher than normal rental income. The risks include currency exchange and growth forecasts that assume the US economy is improving. Mr Gilham said he was wary, as the investment "has not been tried and tested over years"...

High Dollar's Wide Impact

12 Apr 11

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That sentiment was shared by Wealth Within analyst Dale Gillham who said buying needed to slow down to create further stability. "Right now I would like to see buyer momentum slow down for one or two weeks so that the market doesn't move too far ahead of itself," he said. "Remember a market that continues unabated can quickly become unstable, as seen in early 2010. "Looking ahead, I believe the All Ordinaries Index is likely to continue above the 5000 point mark in the short term to achieve around 5200 points...

Retirees to Sell Down Homes

02 Mar 11

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More pre-retirees are set to sell down assets like their houses in preparation for retirement, possibly leading to volatile property prices that will only further prolong retirement, according to Wealth Within chief analyst Dale Gillham. “All indications are that at some point over the next two to five years property assets will be sold down to clear debt for retirement, as many retirees will not be self-funding and the pension is insufficient to maintain the lifestyle they are used to,” Gillham stated in his regular market report. He said this was likely to lead to increasing volatility in property prices, which may have an adverse impact on those looking to retire...

Corporate Earnings Season Wraps Up

24 Feb 11

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Wealth Within chief analyst Dale Gillham said he expected the latest corporate results to reflect recent measures of consumer confidence. "I'd like to see consumer sentiment up, but all the reports that I am seeing are that it is still flat," Mr Gillham said. "And the forecast is that it will still be flat...

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