Making a real difference in people's lives…

Wealth Within is a unique financial services company that was co-founded in 2002 by Dale Gillham to provide a range of solutions to support our clients achieve their financial goals.

Our mission has always been ‘customer first in everything we do’ – which means breaking down a lot of the myths in the market that hold individuals back from achieving their financial goals.

In challenging the status quo of the financial services industry, our customers have benefited by becoming more empowered to take control of their financial destiny.

The highest standard in education…

With so much hype surrounding financial markets, Wealth Within has raised the bar in the industry by setting quality standards in the level of education being delivered by developing Australia’s first and only government accredited course in trading at Diploma level.

This means we guarantee our clients the highest quality education available in the stock market today.

The benefit to you is that our courses are independent evidence that you will be competent and confident in the techniques and strategies being taught.

So if you are serious about taking the necessary steps toward achieving a secure and profitable future, and you would like to develop an approach to trading where consistent results are achievable, look no further!

Our attitude of 'customer first' in everything we do means our focus is on ensuring you achieve your financial goals in the market much sooner than you otherwise would, which saves you years and thousands of dollars in the process.

We should also add that we are proud of the legacy we have provided our students and the many lives we have changed over more than 15 years.

As one student put it 'we are not only changing the lives of those we teach to trade for the better, we are improving the lives of their families'.

Let us invest for you…

By listening to our clients, we understand that for some, your time is limited and you may not want to watch over your own portfolio.

This is why we offer our Individually Managed Account service that delivers returns which outperform the market over the medium to long term.

Using the same proven and disciplined investment techniques we teach all our clients, our aim is to support you to maximise the returns on your investments.