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Diploma of Share Trading and Investment

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With a proven track record of educating clients over more than 15 years, we guarantee you by the time you complete the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (course code: 10234NAT), you will be armed with an arsenal of trading techniques and strategies that will enable you to competently and confidently trade any market over any timeframe in any market condition. But as we always say...don't take our word for it, view the reviews and testimonials of our clients.


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The Diploma in a Nutshell

  • Trade with a higher level of sophistication
  • Learn proven and tested trading strategies
  • Gain confidence to trade in all market conditions
  • Maximise your returns in the market

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the educational requirements to enrol in the course?

    Students are required to have Year 12 or equivalent

    Equivalency can be demonstrated by:

    • Enrol in the Short Course in Share Trading as a pathway into the Diploma, or
    • A qualification at Certificate IV level or above, or
    • 3 years industry experience in a role that requires the use of written documentation and communication and numerical calculations (a letter from your employer confirming you meet these requirements will suffice), or
    • Completion of a literacy and numeracy test (all VET in school students will need to complete this test prior to enrolling).

    Students are also required to have proficiency in mathematics and written and spoken English. You are also required to have sufficient computer skills in Microsoft Office, in particular Word, Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Explorer (or equivalent).

  • What study options do you offer?

    The Diploma is delivered over 48 weeks although we do provide the flexibility for students to complete the course in a shorter timeframe. More information about this is outlined in the Course Handbook.

  • What subjects do you cover in the course?

    The Diploma comprises 5 modules, including:

    Analyse Markets and Financial Information: this module introduces you to how the stock market works and explores two important methods of analysis that have proven to be very valuable for both professionals and investors alike: fundamental and technical analysis. Working through this module will also introduce you to the key strategies required of a professional trader and the resources needed to confidently and competently trade the stock market.

    Analyse Market Trends: this module supports you in understanding the components of price based data and how you use this to graphically represent the price movements of a stock or market. It also focuses on one of the most important aspects of trading, which is trend analysis. Being able to analyse the direction of the market is critical, irrespective of the market or timeframe you are trading. Working through this module will also help you gain an understanding of how to interpret the psychology of the market using both price and volume.

    Trade Market Trends: this module introduces you to proven trading techniques that will enable you to profitably trade market trends. It also demonstrates how you can combine trading tools to reduce risk and in turn increase profits. You will also be introduced to the tools required to determine your overall profitability.

    Apply Price Analysis to Market Trends: This module focuses on the classical trading techniques of price analysis and their importance in analysing price trends and chart patterns. It also examines the techniques for identifying the strength or weakness of a market and how to use these in combination with other trading techniques to significantly increase a trader’s probability of being profitable.

    Apply Pattern Analysis to Market Trends: This module introduces you to the different phases of the market so that you can recognise where it is at any one point in time. It also examines the various types of bar and candlestick patterns, which when incorporated into your analysis provide significant opportunities to trade the market in either direction. It also demonstrates how you can use these trading techniques to fine tune your entry and exit signals in the market.

    Trading Support: On completion of Module 3, students also receive access to Trading Essentials, absolutely free for 6 months, which enables students to see how the professional traders apply the techniques in the real world of trading. We also provide you with trading support on any trades you decide to place in the market including reviewing your analysis on entering or exiting a trade, as well as while you are managing the trade.

  • How is the course delivered?

    The course is delivered via a flexible, interactive, online learning environment to maximise quality and accessibility. We provide a comprehensive and supportive learning environment to assist students while they are studying. The benefit for you is that you can learn in the comfort of your own home, while being fully supported. And for those of you who are concerned about staying motivated, we track your learning and follow you up on a regular basis, so that you remain focused on achieving your trading goals.

  • Who is the course suitable for?

    The course is suitable for those who are new to the stock market through to those who are more experienced but not yet achieving their goal of consistently, profitable returns in the market. It is also appropriate for those who are actively managing their self-managed super fund wanting to build wealth and improve the performance of their portfolios as well as those seeking to trade for additional income or to replace their income. The Diploma also supports those individuals who want to work in areas, such as stock broking and financial advisory roles as well as industry professionals servicing the finance and investment industry.

  • When can I enrol?

    To enable students the flexibility to commence their studies at any time, we offer rolling enrolments every Monday. That said, to maintain our high standards that ensures the success of every student, we limit the number that can enrol in a month to the first 30 because we are all about quality, not quantity. Remember, there are real people and coaches sitting behind every student and course we deliver, to ensure you not only achieve your educational goals but also your trading goals.

  • What is the tuition fee to enrol in the course?

    Please download the Course Handbook and Enrolment Guide for the full fees and charges that apply.

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Diploma Course Full Details

Do you want to be in the top 10% that consistently makes money!

As the company's flagship course, the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (Course Code: 10234NAT) offers a comprehensive, hands on, education for those students wanting to learn:

  • how to trade with a higher level of sophistication,
  • how to analyse and profit from the market with confidence, and
  • how to maximise your returns in the market.

The Diploma of Share Trading and Investment adds a higher degree of sophistication to your trading, enabling you to trade the market with more certainty and confidence

Learn strategies to competently and confidently trade the share market

At Wealth Within we're all about results.

That's why we've worked hard to ensure the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (10234NAT) provides you with the skills and strategies that will enable you to achieve consistently, profitable results in the market.

Designed and taught by investment professionals with over 35 years' experience in trading, every technique and strategy has been tested and refined over many years to ensure you fast track your education.

In fact, our students often tell us we're very good at taking the seemingly complex and making it very easy to understand, so that you achieve your financial goals much sooner.

And our support team will be on hand to guide you every step of the way - from enrolment through to course completion – to ensure you develop the right skills and knowledge in a support environment while working with professionals in their field.

Analyse Financial Markets and Information
  • Market participants
  • Market efficiency
  • Understanding technical analysis
  • Understanding fundamental analysis
  • Key trading strategies
  • Key elements of a successful trading plan
  • Trading software
  • Setting up a trading account
  • Using leverage to trade
Analyse Market Trends
  • Analysing price based data
  • Bar analysis
  • Volume analysis
  • How to trade using volume
  • Constructing bar charts
  • Analysing bar charts
  • Analysing candlestick charts
  • Analysing Gann swing charts
  • Trend analysis and trading with the trend
  • Techniques for identifying peaks and troughs
Trade Market Trends
  • Understanding Dow Theory
  • Trading using Dow Theory
  • Applying Gann's Counter Trend Theory
  • Trading using Gann's Counter Trend Theory
  • Trading using Gann Swing Theory
  • Applying trend lines
  • The golden rules of trend lines
  • Trading using trend lines
  • Managing risk including your money management rules
  • Back testing and techniques for determining your overall profitabili
Apply Price Analysis to Market Trends
  • Support and resistance
  • Predicting support and resistance levels
  • Gann's 50% rule
  • Trading using Gann's 50% rule
  • Understanding price ranges
  • Applying Gann's price ranges and levels
  • Applying Fibonacci price levels
  • Applying price extensions and retracements
  • Using price tables
  • Trading using price analysis
  • Strategies for combining price analysis with other trading techniques to effectively trade the market
Apply Pattern Analysis to Market Trends
  • Phases of the market
  • Understanding accumulation and distribution
  • Continuation patterns
  • Trading using reversal signals and patterns
  • Trading using volume and reversal patterns
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Reversal patterns
  • Reversal signals
  • Projecting price ranges from continuation and reversal patterns
  • Strategies for combining price and pattern to increase profits

At the completion of the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment you will:

  • have a practical trading plan that allows you to take more profit from the market
  • understand and know how to apply technical and fundamental analysis to know what to buy and when,
  • understand how to analyse and use bar, candlestick, and Gann swing charts,
  • know how to analyse volume to understand the psychology of the market,
  • understand how to interpret trends and trend trading methodologies to profit from the market,
  • apply a variety of entry and exit trading techniques and know which ones to use and when,
  • confidently predict future support and resistance price targets so you know when a stock will stop falling or stop rising,
  • understand continuation and reversal patterns and know the exact point when a trend will reverse,
  • be able to apply your on money management rules to protect your capital,
  • have the tools and ratios required to determine your overall profitability,
  • trade over the short, medium and long term,
  • understand how to trade in bull and bear markets, plus
  • a whole lot more that will ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Comprehensive support to ensure your success

We also provide a comprehensive learning environment to ensure you understand and can implement the strategies and methodologies being taught including.

  • comprehensive learner workbooks,
  • online webinars to complement the workbooks,
  • practical assessments so you can gain confidence in applying what you learn,
  • email and phone support,
  • access to professional practitioners,
  • educational forums, plus
  • comprehensive feedback to keep you on track

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

For students seeking CPD Points, the Financial Planning Association of Australia offers students who successfully complete each module 15 CPD points for a total of 45 points while CPA Australia offers students 1 point for each hour of study.

The Diploma of Share Trading and Investment is also recognized by ASIC for general advice in securities.

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Diploma of Share Trading & Investment

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