Written Testimonials

I would like to thank and congratulate Dale and all of the team for putting together such a well designed and presented course. It is so comprehensive and certainly given me the confidence to now be trading successfully. I have been recommending your course to anyone who will listen. Thank you all.  
Peter Simpson, VIC
I have thoroughly enjoyed my whole experience with the Wealth Within team. I remember when I completed the Diploma in 2014, it had given me much greater confidence to trade the market but now having completed the Advance Course and CFD Course, I am another planet altoghether. Thank you to everyone.
Robyn Tully, QLD
The Diploma and Advanced Course have been the most enjoyable and useful courses I have done. The assessors are really knowledgeable and passionate, which has made my journey thoroughly enjoyable. I take my hat off to the team. 
David Pearce, VIC
I would sum up my experience and the course in four simple words - Brilliant and well managed. 
Carlos Kumeroa, NZ
I have thoroughly enjoyed completing the Diploma, Advanced Course and the CFD Course. The content, delivery and learning outcomes are everything I had hoped for. Thank you Dale and your team, you have made a big difference to my life.
Neville Morley, VIC
My experience studying with Wealth Within has been seamless. I have studied with TAFE, University and other institutions, and this has been, by far, the most enjoyable and productive educational experience I have had. The content has been exactly what I was after and the delivery of the course has been excellent. The mentors have been a great help and have been so valuable in the whole experience. I can't thank you enough. 
Steve Kerridge, NSW
Just keep your current staff and don't let them go anywhere! They have been invaluable to me. Thank you for everything.
Julianne Dimasi, WA

Having completed the Diploma and Advanced Course, there is no better online course structure that I have ever come across. The layout was extremely well presented and made the contents easy to follow in a step by step format that supported my learning. Not only was the course excellent, but I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to fast track their journey to profitable trading. 

Shelley Heinrich, NSW
As I progressed through the course, I was able to implement the content in the real world of trading. I learnt more than I expected, which has given me the confidence to trade without the added pressure of wondering if I am doing the right thing when entering a trade. Excellent. 
Trevor Elliott, QLD
Having now completed the Diploma and Advanced Course I have no regrets. The courses have been a great way to learn how to trade and invest and I highly recommend them to anyone.
Gavin Godrick, QLD
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