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Image for the post titled as Trading the Stock Market – Why Most Traders Fail

Anyone who starts down the road to becoming a trader eventually comes across the statistic that 90 percent of traders fail to make money when trading the stock market. This statistic deems that over time 80 percent lose, 10 percent break even and 10 percent make money consistently.

An interesting point about this statistic is that it is not based on geographical region, age, ...

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Image for the post titled as Factors Affecting Currency Prices

We are reminded in the media every day that our dollar is either going up or down against other currencies, however, very few understand what factors affect currency prices or how their they may affect the stock market, so let me explain.

Currency prices are simply determined by supply and demand or the amount of buying and selling of various currencies in the Foreign Exchange ...

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Image for the post titled as The Successful Trading Habits of WD Gann

For those who don’t know, WD Gann lived from 1878 to 1955 and was arguably one of the best traders who has ever lived. Many traders have attempted to study his work, although I believe the majority never really gain his true wisdom given that his writings are often not easy to follow. 

I believe Gann wanted traders to earn the right to be successful, which means ...

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Image for the post titled as Should You Day Trade For Income?

I have been mentoring traders for around two decades and the most common statement I have heard, in that time, from those looking to learn to profit from the markets is, can you teach me to be a day trader. 

Generally, when someone mentions this I ask them two questions. The first is, why do you want to be a day trader and the second question is, do you understand what a ...

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Image for the post titled as Do You Have What it Takes to be a Successful Trader?

It is said that 80 per cent of traders lose, 10 per cent break even and only 10 per cent profit. Do you have what it takes to become a successful trader and so be part of that 10 per cent of traders that consistently makes money?

Every week I come across a range of traders with different styles and approaches to investing and it’s to no surprise that most of them ...

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