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How to Identify that Fake News is Driving the Market

Every day we are bombarded with news as to why the stock market is either rising or falling. And while at times, the news is on the money, there are times when fake news drives the market. Unfortunately, investors are bombarded with news about the stock market from many sources, causing them to be reactive rather than proactive towards the market. As a result, they make emotional rather ...

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Three Indicators that the Stock Market is Topping Out

A key question asked by investors when the stock market is strong, is how long will the bull run last and how high will the stock market go. While we would all like someone sitting in the stock exchange ready to ring the bell to proclaim that the bull run has finished, so we call all jump ship, there are other ways to stay informed as to when the stock market is topping out.

In ...
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Is the Dunning Kruger Effect Killing Your Profits?

This may come as a surprise but did you know that there is a common theme among investors and traders that leads them to kill their portfolio returns. The good news is that once you become aware of this issue, you can take control and stop losing.

Like me, you have probably been at a dinner party listening to someone who acts like they know everything and drowning the thoughts ...

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3 Top Investing Myths Debunked

Like wives tails, there are many myths about the stock market that can dramatically affect the returns you achieve in the market. In tonight’s show Dale and Janine will debunk the top 3 stock market investing myths.

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How to Make More Money in Less Time

When trading the stock market the majority of individuals focus on opportunities they feel are right for them because they believe if they can just find the best stocks to buy they will make money. Unfortunately, however, this approach to trading leads to inconsistencies and poor results. 

What most do not consider is that there are a lot of lost opportunities that cost traders ...

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