Farmer breeds success

Published in Rural Weekly, March 2007

Farmer Alan Opray is from Katandra west, a tiny outpost 25km outside Shepparton in greater Victoria with a population of 250. 

Until recently the tiny hamlet was made up mostly of dairy farmers, before the drought and the lucrative avenue of selling their water to managed investment schemes became an option.

After 36 years as a dairy farmer, the 54 year old has sold his water to a water broker, sold his milking machines and leased his land for other farmers to run cattle on. 

Alan is now trading full time after initially taking an interest in the share market with the inception of the internet.

“When the internet started I was trading 1000 News Corp shares and making around $400 a fortnight,” he said.

“I started to diversify and build a portfolio but struggled to understand elements of the market.

“I saw an ad in the paper a few years ago and began Dale Gillham’s share trading education program

The program covered every facet of trading and helped me develop the skills to trade proficiently myself.”

“It can change your life. 

Instead of hacking away for the money to feed your family, with no control over the drought, the prices you can get for your product and being at the mercy of some bureaucrat who can ruin you with the tick of a box, it can enable you to take control of your own life.

“That’s what I would say to other farmers- take control of your own life. 

If you have the work ethic and ability to grasp the concepts, it is worth gaining the knowledge. 

There will be highs and lows like everything else but if you embrace the training you will do well.”

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