Scrutinise me please

Published in the Business Review Weekly, November 2012 by Alan Blar

As a consultant, I wish more business owners were as vigilant as Dale Gillham the co-founder of investment educator Wealth Within, who featured in Leo D’Angelo Fisher’s October 4-10 BRW article, "It might pay not to pay".

That may sound strange considering your description of his scrutinising behaviour towards consultants hut I believe that too many of my fellow practitioners are getting away with highway robbery and leaving honest consultants that genuinely want to help their clients with a bad rap. ]

I am particularly glad to see that Gillham sees the value in hiring consultants to help him in areas where he doesn’t have the expertise required to get his business to where he wants it to go.

He wisely chooses not to accept the status quo that has been established for hilling in the professional services industry.

One of my "golden rules’ is to always work on a fee for service basis.

Ibis is the best way for my business and the client to share risk. The business owners I talk to are being billed in six minute increments for professional advice. They want to know what outcomes they are getting and how much they will have to invest to get them end of story.

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