Delivery and Refund Policy

Member satisfaction is important to us and we understand our services will not suit everyone's needs. However, due to the delivery of certain products and services it is not always possible to offer a refund. Therefore, Wealth Within offers the following refund policy with respect to its products and services offered on the website.

Delivery Policy

All orders for books and DVDs are sent via Australia Post.

Wealth Within will endeavour to have all orders dispatched within 2-3 workings days of your order being placed once payment has cleared into our account.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they provide Wealth Within with an accurate mailing address. If the product is dispatched and it is subsequently identified that an incorrect mailing address was provided, the client will be responsible for paying the postage again to have the product delivered.

Refund Policy

Wealth Within will only provide a refund if:

How to Request a Refund

If you wish to request a refund please send an Email to Wealth Within and provide us with the following information:

If you request a refund due to an item being damaged, you will be required to return the item to Wealth Within prior to a replacement being dispatched.  


No refund is offered when a person registers and pays to attend the a Workshop in any Australian State or Territory.

Where a person registers and pays to attend the a Workshop and that person fails to attend, they must contact Wealth Within Pty Ltd within 7 days to receive a credit.

Memberships and Courses

No refund is offered for any membership services or courses offered by Wealth Within unless specially detailed in the terms and conditions.

Online Security

Wealth Within is confident of the quality and security of our E-commerce facility and recommends this method of payment and ordering. This allows us to offer the best level of speed, accuracy and security to you.

Credit card numbers provided through our E-commerce facility are processed immediately in an encrypted form (using SSL encryption) over a secure link and are not stored permanently.

This provides a high level of security protection for our customers. The secure link is provided by our e-commerce service provider National Australia Bank, one of Australia's largest and longest established banks.

Each browser has a built-in security mechanism to ensure that users do not accidentally submit personal information over an insecure link. If a user tries to submit information to an unsecured site using this browser, it will, by default, show a warning. In contrast, if a user submits credit card or other information to a site with a valid Server ID and an SSL connection, the warning does not appear and the secure connection is seamless.

Users of the Wealth Within website can ensure online transactions within our site are secure by looking for the following signs:

The URL in the browser window displays "https" at the beginning of a transaction instead of http.

In Internet Explorer (IE), a padlock icon appears at the end of the Internet address window. IE users can check the Website's encryption level by following these steps: right-click on the Website's page and select Properties, then click the Certificates button. In the Fields box, select "Encryption type" - the Details box shows you the level of encryption.

How to Contact Wealth Within

National: 1300 858 272 or Melbourne direct on (03) 9290 9999
Fax: (03) 9290 9995

Wealth Within reserves the right to modify this Refund Policy at its discretion, or against any customer it believes is abusing this policy. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately after posting of the revised Refund Policy on the Wealth Within website. You agree to periodically review our website, including the current version of our Refund Policy.