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Mark Bennell

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While working full time, Mark was introduced to share trading in 2005 by his father, who wanted him to diversify his savings and grow his wealth into the future. 

Leading up to the GFC, Mark's trading had been producing pleasing results, which motivated him to leave his job and trade full time. Unfortunately, Mark was ill prepared for the market conditions during the GFC and it was at that point that he decided he needed to either make a serious commitment to educate himself or return to the workforce.

While he attended many free and paid seminars and workshops, as well as reading numerous books, he found this blanket approach led to confusion and overwhelm. Mark then decided to enrol in the Diploma, which he claims provided him with the right techniques and strategies to profitably trade the market on a consistent basis as well as putting everything he had previously learned into perspective. As Mark says, the pieces of the puzzle were able to fit together properly and I became even more confident in my analysis and abilities. 

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