3 ASX Stocks Set to Beat the Space Race

Dale Gillham and Fil Tortevski

By Dale Gillham and Fil Tortevski |

According to some, few issues today are as urgent as climate change. The world is aiming for a cleaner planet by 2050, and while alternative energies have made significant strides, imagine the potential of an infinite clean energy source. Enter Helium-3. The catch? It's located about 400,000 kilometres away on the Moon.

Despite this distance, nations like the United States, China, and India have set their sights on the Moon, lured by the practical and financial prospects of Helium-3—potentially the modern-day equivalent of a gold rush. Historically, some of the most successful companies during gold rushes were those who supplied the tools for mining. This is where Australia comes into play. With our cutting-edge mining technology and strategic partnerships, we are uniquely positioned to be the ‘tool supplier’ in this space race.

As the competition heats up, Australia's existing partnerships with space-faring nations position ASX-listed companies in the front seat. Here are three that are primed to benefit from this rapidly growing sector.

Electro Optic Systems Holdings (ASX: EOS)

Known for its advancements in satellite communication and space situational awareness, EOS is well-placed to benefit from increased investment in lunar missions. The stock has been on an upward trajectory since 2003 and is currently trading around $2.00. The last time it hit this price level was in 2016 before it surged over 500 per cent in the following four years. If the price continues to climb and surpasses the March 24 high, the odds favour a potential repeat of its 2016 performance, which is very exciting.

Silex Systems (ASX: SLX)

Known for its uranium enrichment technology and exploration in nuclear fusion, which could be adapted for Helium-3, SLX is positioned at the forefront of the energy revolution. Despite a rise in the share price of over 3,000 per cent since 2020, SLX is still trading at less than half of its all-time high of around $13, which indicates there is significant potential for growth.

Quickstep Holdings (ASX: QHL)

QHL manufactures advanced composites and components for the aerospace and defence industries and is set to benefit from future space investment. Currently, the share price is trading around $0.20, making this stock quite illiquid. However, it's worth noting that both EOS and SLX once traded at similar levels before taking off. As such, I would encourage you to watch for a break above $1.00 as this could attract a rush of new investors, increasing liquidity and offering a promising opportunity to invest in a stock with astronomical upside potential.

What were the best and worst-performing sectors last week?

The best-performing sectors included Energy, up 4.07 per cent, followed by Materials, up 3.30 per cent and Real Estate, up 1.45 per cent. The worst-performing sectors included Utilities, down 1.19 per cent, followed by Information Technology, down 1.08 per cent and Industrials, down 0.59 per cent.

The best performing stocks in the ASX top 100 included Whitehaven Coal, up 17.25 per cent, followed by Lynas Rare Earths, up 10.62 per cent and Mineral Resources, up 7.86 per cent. The worst-performing stocks included Pro Medicus down 8.64 per cent, followed by Seek Limited, down 5.15 per cent, and NIB Holdings, down 5.03 per cent.

What's next for the Australian stock market?

July has kicked off with a bang! The All-Ordinaries index increased by just under one per cent last week, and I'm excited because this is the first time since mid-May that our market has consecutively hit new weekly highs. This upward trend suggests the market may finally be ready to break out of the current sideways move.

Looking ahead, if the market continues its upward trajectory next week and surpasses 8,100 points, it would be reasonable to target the current all-time high of 8,168. On the other hand, if the market reverses and falls below 7,900 next week, it would signal the need for caution, resulting in the potential for a significant downward shift.

Be prepared for either scenario. It is not uncommon for prices to spike up and down following prolonged sideways periods before eventually creating a directional trend.

That said, I am still bullish. In my previous report, I mentioned that a rise in the materials sector would strengthen the market's upward momentum, and we're seeing this unfold, with the materials sector rebounding strongly from the 17,000 level last week. Additionally, the energy sector has had a stellar week, posting one of its best one-week performances in recent history.

So, with both energy and materials gaining traction and financials maintaining their strength, the conditions are ripe for future growth. Therefore, now is the opportune moment if you haven't positioned yourself yet. The alignment of these key sectors suggests the potential for achieving your best returns this year.

For now, good luck and good trading.

Dale Gillham is the Chief Analyst at Wealth Within and the international bestselling author of How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%. He is also the author of the bestselling and award-winning book Accelerate Your Wealth—It’s Your Money, Your Choice, which is available in all good bookstores and online.

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