Best Stock Selection Criteria

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

Would you like to learn how to pick shares like a stock market expert? In this week's Australian Stock Market Show Dale and Janine share with you the best stock selection criteria to apply that they personally use, so you can also learn how to find quality stocks to trade.

They discuss the important parameters to look at before buying any stocks including the fundamental and technical criteria you need to consider so you can learn how to create a watch list of stocks as well, as how to find hot stocks to trade. 

When building a portfolio, it’s important to develop a structured stock selection process so you know how to find quality stocks to trade that fit the style of the portfolio you are wanting to create. This will also ensure your attention is focused on learning how to find the most profitable stocks to trade.

Dale and Janine will also be discussing the top sectors and indices that have been performing in the ASX 200 Index as well as analyzing the stocks you have asked to review, and the questions you want answered.

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