Finding the Best Telco Stocks to Buy in 2021

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

Since listing, investors have continued to hold Telstra shares for the dividend yield even though the stock has underperformed compared to the broader market. That said, there are times when Telstra has performed very well over shorter periods. Like all stocks in the Telecommunications sector, Telstra will at times provide good capital growth while paying a reasonable dividend yield, which is important in the current environment of low interest rates.

In fact, in this environment investors are struggling to find good investments that provide a reasonable income, as we can no longer rely on the banks to pay an acceptable return on our money. What is even worse is that once you factor in inflation, the return on interest rates is likely to be negative. Therefore, the opportunity to find good returns in the coming year may come from stocks like Telstra and others in the Telecommunications sector.

So, in tonight’s show Dale and Janine will explore the Communications Services Sector and discuss their stock market recommendations on what are likely to be the best telecom stocks to buy in 2021.

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