How Long Will the US and AU Markets Move Together?

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

Research indicates that markets move in cycles from low too high to low and typically the Australian market will lead the US market for a term before the US market takes the lead.

In tonight’s show Janine Cox looks at the history of the US and Australian stock markets and how these markets are moving together right now. She will also discuss when we can expect to see a decoupling of these markets.

To find out when this is likely to occur, we need to understand what is happening in the US, where Americans are putting their money and, what’s hot and what’s not? We will be speaking with Manny Alicandro again this week, who is a New York based financial market expert.

Manny Alicandro specializes in compliance, regulation, and governance. Manny is an expert in the blockchain space focusing on the trading of digital assets and cryptocurrency. He brings comprehensive capital markets knowledge gained through diverse leadership roles in alternative asset management, banking, consulting, and trading technology as well as through senior roles at NASADQ and FINRA.

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