How to Find the Best Stocks Under $5

By Dale Gillham |

You might be a millionaire today if 10 or 20 years ago you had invested in Apple or Google when they were cheap stocks to buy, as they are now two of the biggest stocks on the US market. The same can be said for CSL and Cochlear, as both were great stocks to own when they were under 5 dollars and have since risen several thousand percent to become two of the best performing Australian companies in the last 20 years. If only you knew back then what you know today!

While it is clear what you should have done with the benefit of hindsight, we cannot wind back the clock but we can determine a formula for success today to wind the clock forward with a view to selecting the next big stocks on the market.

So, in tonight’s show, Dale and Janine will look at the top 300 stocks on the Australian market and filter these down into areas where you are likely to find top performing stocks under $5.

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