How to Increase Your Trading Portfolio Returns by 572%

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

In this week’s show, Dale will follow through with last week’s topic to review and analyse my stock market trading portfolio. In analysing a portfolio of stocks sent in by a subscriber to the channel, Dale will show you how to increase your trading portfolio returns using some simple portfolio management rules that we have introduced you to in previous shows.

Indeed, by reviewing this subscriber’s portfolio, we show you how by making some simple tweaks he could have increased his annual return from 0.92 percent to over 6.16 percent, which many not sound that spectacular. But in reality this is an increase in his portfolio return of over 572 percent.

If the subscriber were to follow all of the rules Dale outlines in his latest award winning book, Accelerate Your Wealth, he would have the potential to make well over 10 percent per annum.

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