How to Sack Your Boss and Trade Full Time

By Dale Gillham | Published 09 July 2019

Learning how to become a full time stock trader is a goal many strive to achieve. So how do you sack your boss and trade full time? In this week’s Australian Stock Market Show, Dale shares with you how to develop a strategy to trade full time so you can create your preferred lifestyle.

While it can take up to two years for anyone to become a full time stock trader, if you gain the right knowledge and skills you can fulfill your dream of trading full time for a living.

That said, being a full time trader does not mean you replace one job with another and work every day. It simply means that your trading is paying for your lifestyle. This is a very important distinction and one I suggest you ponder on if your goal is to trade full time.

That’s because trading is about creating a lifestyle, not making it your lifestyle. So if it is your goal to learn how to become a full time trader in the stock market, you will not only need to learn how to trade but you will also need to develop the skills to manage your psychology and your investment risk so you can also trade leveraged markets, such as Forex for cash flow.

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