Selecting Stocks With a Higher Probability to Profit

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

Selecting stocks to buy is ranked as one of the top five challenges faced by new traders. But when you learn how to interpret historical data as part of your stock selection strategy, what appears complex becomes very simple.

In tonight’s show Dale Gillham and Janine Cox will discuss the top 20 stocks on the Australian market and demonstrate why understanding how to interpret historical data is an important criteria in the process of selecting stocks to buy with a higher probability of making a profit.

Most who are new to the market miss this important fact because the financial industry encourages you to focus on what they want you to know, rather than what you need to know.

Ask yourself, if historical data isn’t important, why do all of the most successful traders throughout history base their stock selection strategy on using it, and why does the financial service industry constantly use it to make sense of the current climate?

Understanding the history of a stock allows you to reduce risk and increase profits in the current market. If you choose not to review the historical data on a stock, you are purely speculating and we will share with you why this is case on tonight’s show.

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