Setting up a Trading Portfolio to Generate $50K P.A.

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox | Published 18 June 2019

Would you like to learn strategies for creating a winning trading portfolio? This week Dale and Janine introduce you to the strategies they personally use for setting up a trading portfolio including how to structure your trading portfolio so you generate additional cash flow each year to supplement your current income.

In learning how to setup a trading portfolio, Dale draws on his years of trading experience in managing his own trading portfolio and in mentoring traders to be successful in the stock market. 

In developing my trading portfolio, I (Dale) learnt that it was important to understand how to structure a trading portfolio so as to minimize my exposure to risk in highly leveraged markets while also supplementing my income as part of a well-balanced wealth creation strategy. Anybody wanting to be successful in the stock market, needs to learn how to set up a winning trading portfolio so that they are prepared regardless of the economic or market conditions. 

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