Stock Market Crash 2020: Why is This Crash Different?

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox | Published 07 April 2020

Unlike the GFC stock market crash that occurred in 2008, which was slow to start, the current stock market crash, which has been linked to the corona virus outbreak, has crashed at the top without warning. While this is important to understand, what is even more important is how investors are responding. Right now is the perfect time to be looking at how you approach the stock market, otherwise you may miss out on the best opportunities ahead.

In tonight’s Stock Market Show, Dale and Janine will analyze the current stock market crash and look at how this is different to other market crashes. They will also share the three most common questions investors are asking right now, which also reveals why the reaction to the 2020 stock market crash shows that the masses do not appear to have learnt from past market corrections.

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