Stock Market Overreacts to Corona Virus

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

There is on old saying that if we don’t learn from our past mistakes, we are bound to repeat them. Unfortunately, human nature is such that we are constantly motivated by fear and greed, with fear being the major reason why so many people stay away from the stock market, while greed is the major reason why so many gamble with their money.

Despite the enormity of information and education available about these two powerful emotions, we still see individuals make the same mistakes as the millions before them, and we are certainly seeing the mistakes of the past being repeated right now.  

Given this, in tonight’s show, Dale and Janine will look at the history of the Australian stock market to show you exactly why the market is overreacting right now and, more importantly, why you should not panic. You will learn that following the herd, and reacting to fear or greed is not a good strategy as it will cost you a lot of lost money and time while also causing you unnecessary stress.

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